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I’ve had a busy day today — but for better or worse I haven’t been busy blogging. Truth be told, I’m on vacation — and doing some day-job work by long distance, which I guess is some kind of karmic retribution for vacationing on the job before I ever left.

Anyway, the upshot is that I don’t have many posts to contribute to the site today. One can only hope that I’ve made up for the lack of quantity with some metal quality — including these four new songs I happily discovered while roaming the interhole and the NCS email today.


We start this round-up with a band named Ur Draugr from Perth in Western Australia whose ranks include past or present members of Impiety, Wardaemonic, DeathFuckingCunt, and Morphica. They’ve recorded a debut album entitled Augur Unboden that’s projected for release in December, and today they began streaming one of the new songs — “Unseen Golgotha”.

I was drawn to the song by the superb painted cover art of Jeff Christensen that you see above, and by two additional Christensen pieces for the album that come next:




It turns out that the new song is as enticing as the artwork. I was quite taken with the slow, wistful acoustic introduction and probably would have been content to let that lull me into an extended revery — but what comes next is even more transfixing, a shape-shifting cascade of melancholy melody, hailstorm riffs, acrobatic drumming, and impassioned vocal malevolence. Drawing from strands of both death metal and black metal, the music is an engrossing journey across a changing soundscape. Very impressive.









I thoroughly enjoyed this German death metal band’s last album, Manifested Darkness, though I only managed to write about two of its songs. I don’t know if I’ll do a better job for their new third album, but it’s already sounding like another winner.

The new record is appropriately named Death Kult Legions and it’s scheduled for release on December 5 by Cyclone Empire. Yesterday the band released a video for the album’s first preview track, “In the Name of the Flesh”. It’s a deliciously decimating rampage of old school Swedish-style death metal, with bone-grinding riffs that are as catchy as they are pulverizing and emphatically gruesome vocal filth. I’m a sucker for this kind of metal, and Revel In Flesh do it exceptionally well.

Check out the video next; the song can also be streamed at Cyclone Empire’s Bandcamp page, linked below. The album can be ordered on CD or vinyl at this location.









Jupiterian are a relatively new band from Brazil who self-released their debut album Archaic back in July of this year. I heard a couple of tracks from the album around the release date and vowed I would write something about it — and didn’t. One of a long string of promises to myself I’ve broken. But I was given a second chance by the band’s premiere today of a video for one of the album’s tracks — “Procession Towards the Monolith”.

But in truth this is no procession toward a monolith — it is the monolith itself, a massive tower of doom that casts a long shadow.  The staggering, sludgy riffs and bridge-collapsing percussion are the kind that can set your spine to vibrating, with a thoroughly bleak melody that draws you inexorably into its grasp and a vocalist who speaks to you from the abyss.

Check out the trippy video below; it was edited by Escaphandro (Rafael Nascimento). The album is available on Bandcamp.









Endemise are from Ottawa, Canada, and wrote us today about a new single they’re recently released, called “Nocturne”.

“Nocturne” is an old term that usually refers to musical compositions that are inspired by, or evocative of, the night, and it’s a fitting title for this sweeping piece of blackened melodic death metal. The music combines orchestral instrumentation, a ground-shaking rhythm section, and riffs that boom and slash. The song has a sombre, majestic air, but one also fraught with menace, due in part to the half-wolf, half-banshee vocals.

“Nocturne” was mixed and mastered by Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams) and is streaming on both YouTube and Bandcamp; I’ve included both players below. The song is also available for download at Bandcamp, along with the band’s debut album Far From the Light.






  1. Ur Draugr are certainly pretty new on the scene, haha…only 47 Facebook likes. If they keep putting out music like that, though, I’m sure they’ll be going places.

  2. That Ur Draugr track was mesmerizing, not to mention the stupendous art that comes with it. Revel in Flesh was a nice dose of death metal too.

  3. the new Revel In Flesh sounds awesome!! excited! : )

  4. Stoked for new Revel In Flesh! I was excited to see that Cyclone Empire has a Bandcamp page now. Excitement turned to sadness when I discovered that none of their releases appear to be for sale in digital form. Bandcamp pages without options to purchase make baby Cthulhu cry.

    • I know I’ve got a baby bottle around here, somewhere, filled with warm human blood. There’s a possibility of chilling before it gets where you are though. (I experience the same frustration, which is why I have these things stockpiled.)

  5. Absolutely loving Jupiterian right now. Perfect levels of bleakness…

  6. Ur Draugur has some fantastic vocals!

  7. Great cover art today!

  8. At a glance I thought the Ur Draugur art was Jeff Jordan, probably best known for his work with The Mars Volta and Leprous, but a closer examination revealed it’s actually quite different. That’s the kind of art that grabs me and makes me look deeper.

    Songs is pretty sweet, too. I’m thinking this one could be a buy.

  9. I really like the vocal layering on that Enedemise track. I wish more bands would do that.

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