Nov 102014


(In this post we’re helping to premiere a new song by Finland’s Devouring Star from their debut album, due for release by Daemon Worship Productions.  Austin Weber provides the introduction.)

Very recently here at NCS, I wrote about a Finnish black metal group called Devouring Star in my Recalcitrant Roundup series. Now that a small bit of time has passed, the band have found a label to call home — Daemon Worship Productions. In addition, through DWP they are on the cusp of releasing to the world a new five-song album, Through Lung And Heart. We and two other sites are giving you a first glimpse at this latest misanthropic offering through our premiere of one of the new songs — “Decayed Son of Earth”.

While Devouring Star may be said to generate a musical aura similar to that of Deathspell Omega, they do a lot to set themselves apart from mere hero worship. While most black metal hints at evil or masquerades as such, Devouring Star is the real, uglier-than-sin deal, with “Decayed Son Of Earth” serving as a carnal carnival of cataclysmic rage whose disgusting majesty cannot be ignored.

This is an apocalyptic ode to true worshipers of the dark arts, teeming with sourness and bitter pain and delivering a bludgeoning and a sense of horror comparable to few. The track will leave its listeners in a desolate swirl of dust, and if you choose to hear it, you may find that it also points a mirror back at you, to expose the darkness within.

While the band’s two-song demo from earlier this year more than piqued my interest, “Decayed Son Of Earth” is evidence that the new material ascends to even higher planes of devilish intent and accomplishment. If you haven’t yet given Devouring Star a chance, now is the time to tune in. But be warned: your imagination may be drawn to murder or mayhem, such is the peril of absorbing hate in its rawest, most uncompromising, and most primal form.



  1. Dark majesty manifested in 5.22 minutes of pure malevolence, this is my second approach to their music, this is great Black Metal, thank you, since now I will follow them….in darkness!

  2. this is really good : )

  3. Frell yeah, Devouring star! Gonna be all over this when im off work!

    • And it is gooood!

      Cover reminds me of Bölzer somehow.

      I need this in my life, on my shelf, and on my record player!

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