Nov 142014


I’ve been on vacation for the last week, got home after a lot of traveling early last night, and then had to turn around a couple hours later to go back to the airport to pick up someone, and didn’t get to bed until very late — without having written any NCS thing for today. And all of my NCS writer comrades have been doing other things besides writing NCS things. So basically, I got nuthin’. And I need to go to work today, so I probably won’t have much for today, period. Whatever I do get ready will be late.

So anyway, I thought I might at least do a quick scan of the interhole for something new, because I hate to post anything on the site that doesn’t have some metal in it. And voila, I came across a link on FB to a just-released music video by Bloodbath for a song named “Church of Vastitas” off their new album Grand Morbid Funeral. I like the song — it’s a slow, brooding, grim, morbid piece of pestilential death/doom with good vocal vomit. The video is pretty simple, but doesn’t detract from the music. Here it is. I’ll be back… at some point… later today.




  1. I’m really excited for this album. Every song I’ve heard, between the evil riffs, guitar sound, production job, and the new vocalist, they all just sound so grimy and gritty and filthy in all the best ways.

  2. I was a bit skeptical about the new Bloodbath album at first. All that skepticism has been buried under a heap of brutality and killer riffs.

  3. This is it..the beginning of the end. Next thing you know Islanders got better things to do and the site hasnt updated in 3 months

  4. I like it! Its more dark? evil? Grimy?
    It has something that Bloodbath has not had in the past. Nicks snarl fits perfectly with this, IMO.

  5. that’s Awesome!!
    i can’t wait to get this album : )

  6. Nick Holmes is back with a vengeance! Damn those vocals are hot. Although, the track feels more like a preview than a fully developed song, ends a bit too soon no? Maybe it’ll make more sense in the context of the full album. Or maybe I’ve just been listening to the new Ne Obliviscaris a little too much

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