Dec 112014

photo by Semen Turkowski

Embrional’s 2012 debut album Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors was a strikingly impressive debut, a death metal barrage that was equal parts suffocating old-school brutality and technically impressive high-speed chaos. This Polish band have now recorded a follow-up album entitled The Devil Inside that shows every sign of being just as powerful, distinctive, and attention-grabbing. But judge for yourselves — you are about to hear our premiere of the album’s first advance track, “In Darkness”.

The song sounds absolutely monstrous, with a grit-caked, grinding tone that bespeaks a mountain of skulls being ground into splintered fragments — yet the production is also clean enough to ensure that every scalpel-sharp note and destructive drum strike hits home with unerring accuracy. The grim, serpentine melody in the song’s early minutes oozes an atmosphere of suppurating illness and inhuman malice, but the music also eventually explodes in a flurry of blazing fretwork and a barrage of drum munitions that is both frenetic and surgically precise. Fittingly, the vocal tirade is tyrannical and caustic.

Embrional are once again proving their skill in lashing together thoroughly crushing brutality, evil atmospherics, and jaw-dropping technical flair, producing an electrifying, rhythmically dynamic display of death metal strength. With “In Darkness” as its herald, their new album has vaulted to our list of highly anticipated 2015 albums.

The Devil Inside is scheduled for release on Feb. 28, 2015, in a variety of formats by the unholy triumvirate of Hellthrasher Productions (LP), Old Temple (CD), and Third Eye Temple/Godz ov War (MC). And now, here’s “In Darkness”….




  1. Your description about this song is killer as the song is, this is my first heard, I will listen their previous record and if the new album will be as this premiere, well, I’m positive, by the way this song is a lethal and dark injection of merciless and awesome brutality!

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