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The rollout of our list of 2014′s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs continues today with three more tracks. For more details about what this list is all about and how it was compiled, read the introductory post via this link. For the other songs we’ve previously named to the list, go here.


I’ve seen some quibbling here and there, because metalheads do love to quibble, but The Satanist has nevertheless been one of the best-received albums of 2014, by both fans and critics alike. It’s nothing quite like anything Behemoth have done before, though it is still recognizably a Behemoth album — and I can say that because this band have become one of those select groups who have a distinctive sound all their own. Yet on The Satanist, to quote from BadWolf’s NCS review, “It’s less interested in battering the listener over the head than it is in getting inside your head.”

With an assortment of refinements on Behemoth’s traditional sound and a host of charismatic songs and performances (including a new prominence for bassist Orion), the album’s appeal has deservedly spread farther than any of the band’s previous works. It’s a fine album, and the source of our next addition to this list.

I actually don’t think there’s much room to debate which song is the most infectious on The Satanist, or that it’s one of the most infectious (and powerful) of the year. Listen again to “Ora pro Nobis Lucifer“:









Decapitated are another Polish band who, like Behemoth, have faced more that their fair share of personal travails over the years. Like Behemoth, they have emerged triumphant. Like Behemoth, they haven’t stood still musically either. As Andy Synn wrote in his review of their latest full-length:

“With Blood Mantra the Polish psychonauts offer up yet another facet of their ever-evolving sound, an album permeated with an eerie, almost nightmarish, sensation of discomfort and dissociation, carrying through familiar threads of each of its predecessors, whilst simultaneously twisting and reweaving them into fresh new forms.”

The album’s title track got quite a bit of support from people who answered our call for reader suggestions for this list as well as some of our staff, but my pick is this one — “The Blasphemous Psalm To the Dummy God Creation”. I mean, how can you beat that title? The song is damned good, too.









The Stone, from Belgrade, Serbia, have been turning out granite-strength metal since their debut album in 2002 (and even before). Though we failed to review their 2014 album Nekroza, (released by Folter Records) I highly recommend it to people who like their black metal delivered with titanic power and imperial contempt. The music is malevolent and predatory, but it’s also highly contagious. In fact, this is one of 2014’s albums that I thought could have furnished multiple entries on this list.

The one I’ve picked is the title track, “Nekroza”. It’s a brutal song, but it’s also one that’s multi-textured, atmospherically compelling, and highly memorable. And I thought it would make for a powerful triumvirate with the first two songs in this edition of our list. Check it out:



  1. On Behemoth, since I see this coming from a mile away. This is one of those choices that makes Infectious song difficult – mostly because we all acknowledged that O Father, O Satan, O Sun! is easily one of the best goddamned songs on the album and intensely catchy, but we found that Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer – particularly the main line, ‘Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer! You alone have suffered!’ got stuck in our head so fucking much that it just barely won out. At the very least, that was my criteria during the small debate we had.

  2. On “The Satanist” the choice is difficult, songs like “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” and “O Father O Satan O Sun!” are very infectious but is true that “Ora pro Nobis Lucifer” is another stunning song. In the end, the entire part ten is awesome!

  3. “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer” though.

  4. it’s awesome to see Decapitated on here, the new album is fantastic : )

  5. Sweet track from The Stone; reminds me a bit of Negura Bunget.

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