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Welcome to the lucky Part 13 in the continuing rollout of our list of 2014′s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs. For more details about what this list is all about and how it was compiled, read the introductory post via this link. For the other songs we’ve previously named to the list, go here.

I missed a day in the rollout yesterday because of my fucking day job. To make up for that, we’ll have an extra-strong, double-dose of ass-kicking to begin the day.


We posted not one but two reviews of Aborted’s 2014 album, The Necrotic Manifesto, one by BadWolf (here) that accompanied our premiere of a full-album stream and one (here) by TheMadIsraeli. We could have posted five reviews, because everyone among the longest tenured staffers around here (including me) agreed — and its rare for all of us to agree on anything — that the album was fantastic.



I’ll just toss out some quotes from each of the reviews we did publish:

BadWolf: “It’s shaping up to be a golden year for death-grind. That last Benighted album raised the bar, and the new Misery Index record is poised to raise it yet again. In this crowded field, however, Aborted’s The Necrotic Manifesto still stands out. It’s as catchy as brutal death metal can get, and I love it for that, and if anyone disagrees, I’ll make them wish they were fucking Aborted.”

TheMadIsraeli: “If I had to pick one album from this year so far to obliterate things to, it would be The Necrotic Manifesto.  Aborted have managed to craft a graceful, refined, yet merciless record that is on par with Global Flatline, but have done so while taking a slightly different direction.  At least for me, the band just continue destroying everything in their path, and right now they are doing it better than they’ve ever done it before.  This shit is the sonic death metal equivalent of the Nagasaki bombing. I fucking love this band and this album, and so should you.”

So, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that we were going to have a song from The Necrotic Manifesto on this list. I had a particularly tough time picking between “Coffin Upon Coffin” and the one I actually picked — and so in this instance I went with the strong recommendations of two of my NCS comrades.

Enjoy the next addition to our “most infectious song” list: “Your Entitlement Means Nothing” (I must admit that the pitch-perfect vocal sample from the film Hobo With A Shotgun had something to do with this choice.)








I like to think that we publish a lot of good interviews in the course of a year — a lot. But the one BadWolf did this year with Jeff Lohrber of Enabler (here), that one was way up there. And roughly a third of the interview was about one song on Enabler’s 2014 album La Fin Absolue Du Monde, and about the lyrics to that one song and what produced them. Not a coincidence, because it’s BadWolf’s favorite song on the album and probably his favorite song of the year, period.

The song is “Sickened by the Wake“, and I’ll just quote part of Jeff Lohrber’s explanation about what led to the song:

“Sickened by the Wake” is kind of a play on words. There was the Sikh shooting in Milwaukee a couple years ago… when I lived in Milwaukee still. I was working at a moving company and there’s a super-racist fucker. I was his boss. He was way older than me, but he gets in the truck with me and he says something like, ‘I’d like to congratulate the motherfucker who went and did that. It’s a fucking courageous thing of him to do,’ and I’m just looking at him like, ‘You are fucking insane.’

It’s courageous to walk into a place of worship that helps these people do whatever—like any fucking faith—and shoot unarmed fucking children? That’s courageous? It just fucking ruined my day. I was just fucking pissed off all day. I can’t fucking believe he said that.

I suspect the lyrics are a big part of why BadWolf loves “Sickened By the Wake”, but only part. He’d probably be super-upset if I didn’t put the song on the list. But really, I’d have put it on the list anyway, because in addition to everything else that’s right about the song, it’s really infectious.

I’m also adding it despite the fact that it will probably be the only song on the whole list that I can’t embed right here at our site — I haven’t found an embeddable public stream of the song anywhere, even on the Bandcamp page for the album. So, all I can do is point you here:


And these are the lyrics, which are explained in more detail in that interview:

Death came down to the center of peace
He wore a white face, covered in hate
No remorse for the innocent
His life was taken as a necessary loss
I’m sick
Why do you care about what doesn’t affect you?
You can live your own life free to have rest
But you carry such weight, you carry such hate
I can’t figure out how you’re so fucking stubborn
A wake up call to the population
Prejudice and division is something we can’t take
We carry such weight; we’re so full of hate
We hold on to worthless traditions, taking away our own human rights
I’m sick
I’m sick of living on stolen land
We are cursed from actions that are from another’s hand
Sickened by the wake, sickened by the wake
I’m sick of living with prejudice
We divide ourselves with no love for each other
Sickened by the wake, sickened by the wake



  1. “Cenobites” remains my personal stand-out track, if only for that “chugguda-chugguda-chugguda-chugguda-chugguda-chugguda-CENOBITES!” part.

  2. Not the obvious choice for me off Necrotic Manifesto (I might’ve gone with the aforementioned “Coffin Upon Coffin”, “The Extirpation Agenda”, or the title track), but really most of the songs on that disc are candidates. Props for featuring “Sickened By The Wake” too.

  3. “Your Entitlement Means Nothing” is fantastic : )

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