Jan 112015

Aetherian is a fantastic two-man melodic death metal band from Athens, Greece, whose two previous singles I’ve already lavished with praise: “Drops of Light” (featured here in December 2013) and “Scar of Despair” (featured here last March). Today we have the pleasure of bringing you the premiere of the lyric video for a new Aetherian single: “As Seasons Pass”.

This new song will appear on a forthcoming debut EP entitled Tales of Our Times that will include four other brand new songs in addition to this one. The beautiful cover art (above) was created by Remedy Art Design.

“As Seasons Pass” is further proof of Aetherian’s talent in crafting songs that are immediately gripping and have staying power as well. The song is both a hard-driving gallop and a carrier of dark, entrancing melody, with riffs to die for and lead guitar arpeggios that spiral and shimmer. The song also includes an evocative, beautifully performed acoustic interlude, and powerful vocals that are both gargantuan and ghostly when whispered.

Especially for fans of doom-oriented melodic death metal bands such as Insomnium, In Mourning, or Daylight Dies, this song is going to be a beautiful way to begin 2015. We could not be more eager to hear the rest of the EP.

We don’t yet know the precise release date for Tales of Our Times, but we’ll update this post when we do know. In the meantime, check out Aetherian’s two previous singles via the Bandcamp link below — and listen to “As Seasons Pass”….




  1. this sounds killer, i really dig Panos’ vocals : )

  2. Perfect soundtrack to the light, lilting snowfall that just started outside my window.

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