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About one week ago we included in one of our “round-ups” of new music a teaser video for a new album coming from Non Serviam Records by a Polish blackened death metal band named Neolith. At that time we noted the label’s announcement that a full song would be online soon. And sure enough, the full song is now here — and we’re bringing it to you!

The name of this new song is “Of Angel and His Orison” and it’s drawn from Neolith’s fourth studio album, Izi.Im.Kurnu-Ki.

The phrase “blackened death metal” isn’t terribly precise as a genre label; it covers a multitude of different sounds. What you will here in this song is completely electrifying. That’s not terribly precise either, so allow me to elaborate.


photo by Dawid Rychel

For most of its compact length, the song moves at a furious pace, propelled by hyper-speed drum munitions that will make your eyes pop open and a storm of slashing riffs and enraged tyrannical vocals. Contrasting with this warlike tumult are ambient keyboard sounds that come and go, and a serpentine melody that slithers through the song like poison in the veins.

Near the end, the lead guitar introduces a variation on the main melody, alternately winding and jabbing, while a darting keyboard melody surfaces again through the storm. It’s a gripping way to finish a gripping song.

Also, the song is really electrifying — the kind of jolting charge that would bring life to the dead, and so catchy that it’s damned easy to just hit “play” over and over again.

Izi.Im.Kurnu-Ki will be released by Non Serviam Records on March 2, 2015, and the album is available for preorder now at this location. Get ready to wake the fuck up!



  1. Sounds like a good amount of Behemoth and Hour of Penance. Good stuff.

    • Nice references — it is sort of like a combination of the two very different styles into one. The first time I heard the song, the drumming in particular and where it sits in the mix made me think: Italian blasters! (like HoP, Fleshgod, Eyeconoclast, Hideous Divinity, etc).

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