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(KevinP brings us another edition of his short-interview series, “Get To The Point”, and he talks with Astrous, vocalist of the Greek black metal band Aenaon. But this time the interview includes both a news scoop about the new Greek supergroup Katavasia and the world premiere of a new Katavasia song.)

K:  So what’s the big news you want to share with all of us today?

A:  I feel great to announce a new alliance in the Greek Black Metal circles which is called KATAVASIA. This new project consists of well-known musicians and guest appearances, aimed to produce the unique sound and spirit of the early Greek black metal era.


K:  Can you tell us who is responsible for this alliance?

A:  In the summer of 2014, after a discussion I had with Achilleas C (guitars/bass of Varathron/Aenaon) and Necroabyssious (vocalist of Varathron), there emerged spontaneously and nostalgically the idea to create music based on simple and heavy occult forms that determined the identity of Greek black metal.

After that, Foivos  (drummer of sludge/black metal doomsters Agnes Vein) and Haris (keyboardist of Hail Spirit Noir/Transcending Bizarre?) joined the band. Both of them are great friends and we share common musical tastes. (Note — Astrous is on guitars as well in this project)


K:  So do we have a release date for an album?

A:  Our label, Floga Records, has announced the release date of Sacrilegious Testament to be on the 15th of March. In addition, I think the two tracks that we have released provide to the listeners a good taste of what they can expect.


K:  “Visions of the Misty Night” was released to the public on January 24th can be heard here:



We also have a World Premiere of the lead track off the album, “Cosmic Nightmare”, right here:



K:   Will everyone’s commitments with their other bands prevent you from doing any live shows?

A:  We are all quite busy with our main projects, especially Necroabyssious, but I hope we’ll manage to do some special gigs.  However this is something that we enjoy, so if everything  flows smoothly, the live shows are not something impossible.


K:  Any final thoughts?

A:  Sacrilegious Testament is a union of the old and new generation of Greek black metal.  It is a tribute, if you want, to the Greek black metal of the ’90s, the music that we grew up with. Having a front-man with a legendary personality like Necroabyssious, plus the guest appearances of Sakis (Rotting Christ) and Sotiris Vayenas (SepticFlesh) is for us something really intense and very nostalgic. Hail the Mediterranean Spirit! Hail Darkness! Hail Katavasia!



  1. The two songs are seriously infectious, I love the rabid voice as much as I love the grim melodies of these songs and I admit that I am a sucker for this kind of sound, what a great alliance, the only bad news is that march is still far from us, one more time, you guys share sumptuous music!

  2. “Cosmic Nightmare” is awesome! good interview! 🙂

  3. Stoked for this. Greece has been on a roll lately.

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