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I took a break from my work this morning to take a quick look for new music that might be interesting, and I found some songs that I thought were worth recommending. I still don’t have much time to myself, so once again I’m not able to write quite as much about the music as I normally do. I realize it won’t sound as good without me explaining why it sounds good, but somehow, you will have to make do.


The Greek band Tardive Dyskinesia, who I’ve been following for a very long time, just released a new single named “The Electric Sun“, and it comes with a video. It’s one of 10 songs the band are developing for a new album that they’re projecting for release at the end of this year.

The new track combines jolting, fret-burning, head-spinning ferocity in the verses with memorable, melodic vocal harmonies in the chorus. These are some really good musicians performing complex, high-speed music with impressive skill, but still leaving something dreamlike in your head when the song is over.

“The Electric Sun” is available for digital download now, and a 7″ vinyl (along with a poster and a shirt) will be available on February 28. Orders can be placed via the Bandcamp link below. The cool cover art is by Manster Design.








Portland, Oregon’s Lord Dying released their new album Poisoned Altars last week via Relapse Records. On Friday they debuted a video for the title track, which includes cameos from members of Red Fang, Thrones, Yob, Witch Mountain and more.

Frontman Erik Olson explained: “The video is a homage of 80’s horror and Sci-Fi movies pitting dirt bags vs. yuppies. In Portland we keep seeing our favorite hangs getting bulldozed for condo’s to go up and we wanted to return the favor.” That’s becoming a problem where I live in Seattle, too, so fuck yeah.

The video is funny and the song is a goddamned bulldozer.








The Will of A Million is another Oregon band (from Eugene), the one man being Stephen Parker (also a member of Arkhum). The band will be releasing an album named Les Étoiles via Glossolalia Records for digital release on February 10, mastered by Jason Walton (Agalloch, Self Spiller, Especially Likely Sloth), and has recently released for streaming a long song from the album named “As We Float”.

The song will strike a chord in fans of, well, Cascadian black metal. I probably shouldn’t use such a nebulous term. To be more specific, the song is gorgeous and intense, it pulls at the heart strings and it often does that with all claws bared. Really well-performed and really well-produced, in a way that doesn’t strip all the grit away but still allows all the moving parts to shine, and it fully earns its nearly 14 minutes of length.


Go here to listen:






Inner Sanctum are from Bangalore, India. Their debut album Legions Awake is due for worldwide release on March 25. About a week ago they launched a lyric video for one of the songs from the album name “Wake of Destruction”, and it’s damned good — a death/thrash marauder that’s supercharged with energy, packed with decimating grooves, and awfully infectious as well. The vocalist will raise the hairs on the back of your neck, too.

And the video is as cool as the song.  Credit to director/animator Igor Omodei.




  1. That Lord Dying video is pretty damn funny, and that track is heavy as hell (there’s times when I think Olson is really just Matt Pike in disguise, vocally). Will of a Million seems like a great soundtrack to the snowfall I’m getting out here – gonna scroll through their Bandcamp page for a while.

  2. the Lord Dying video is fantastic 🙂
    i love the Inner Sanctum track, too!

  3. The vocal harmonies on the Tardive Dyskinesia track are are awesome! After that Lord Dying video, I need to go out and find home Harley Davidson Heavy Beer. ‘Spose I’ll have to relocate to Portland to find it. Also, thanks for the Inner Sanctum! I’ve been wanting some good modern death/thrash.

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