Feb 182015


A lot of exciting things have happened in the world of metal over the last 48 hours, despite the fact that I haven’t had time to write about them. Yes, amazingly, it’s true: When trees fall in this forest, they make a sound even if you don’t hear them (or read about them) on this putrid blog. I will mention a few of the occurrences in this post, and then collect more for a post tomorrow.


Yesterday Relapse Records released a digital sampler that, at least in my memory, is the most humongous collection of songs yet released in a digital format. And on top of that, it’s a “pay what you want” offering.

It’s part of the label’s celebration of its 25th year in business, and it includes more than 180 tracks, one from almost every band that has released an album or EP on Relapse since 1990. The sampler can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp at this location:










The excellent Canadian band Beyond Creation made a sad announcement today, i.e., that their phenomenal bass player Dominic “Forest” Lapointe has left the band for undisclosed “personal reasons”; it seems to be an amicable parting.

Unquestionably, a lot of talent is left in the band after his departure, but this is still a blow, because it may not be an exaggeration to say that someone of his rare skill is irreplaceable.

Not long ago I posted a video of Lapointe performing a play through of the wonderful Beyond Creation song “Earthborn Evolution”. It appears now to be his swan song with the band. Here it is again (with thanks to Vonlughlio for the tip about this development):









I received a welcome e-mail alert from Bandcamp last night: The Chinese folk band Tengger Cavalry, who specialize in Mongolian gallops, will be releasing a new album. It’s a re-recording of the band’s debut demo, Blood Sacrifice Shaman, using new folk instrumentation. According to recent posts on the band’s Facebook page, those instruments include the didgeridoo, cello, two horse-head fiddles, banjo, and acoustic guitar.

I’ve really enjoyed everything this band have done to date. I have little date I will eat this up too. Here’s a link to the Bandcamp page, where pre-orders are now available (there’s no music to stream there yet):






And just so I don’t finish the post without some new music, here’s a full stream of the excellent new album by Deivos, “Theodicy”, which appeared yesterday (and thanks again to Vonlughlio for the tip). It’s available on Bandcamp at this location:




  1. Too bad about Lapointe leaving BC. He was easily my favorite part of that band, and I’d agree with you in wondering whether he’s really replaceable.

  2. “Theodicy” is merely stunning, the songs are naturally brutal with that groovy attitude in the sound, very technichal without losing is savagery throughout his lenght, I loved any single second of the entire work, fast as a flash with bonecrushing riffs and a titanic growl and here’s another band that I hope will be reviewed by somebedy here at “No Clean Singing” and yes, Lapointe, too bad because is very talented!

  3. wow, that is an awesome sampler! 🙂

  4. I could be here all week for that Relapse sampler. And I hadn’t heard Deivos before this post. Some quality techdeath!

  5. Angry metal guy gave the new deivos album a 1.5/5 review! Those dirty bitches, how could they disrespect deivos like that! I personally love them! Cant wait to get this!

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