Feb 262015


I’ve been writing about Vancouver’s Archspire since December 2010, which is when I came across their All Shall Align EP. This morning I went back to that first post about the band and that EP, because even from the beginning, certain aspects of their sound really stood out — and one is particularly relevant in the context of the brand new video we’re about to show you:

“This is a truly eye-popping convulsion of tech-death, with schizophrenic rhythms, astounding technical riffing and drumwork, and tiny threads of reappearing melody that stitch the songs together into cohesive wholes. And I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a death-metal vocalist bark out the lyrics faster than Archspire’s, particularly on that second song; he’s like the vocal equivalent of those insane guitarists.”

I’ve seen Oli Rae Aleron’s vocal style referred to as “shotgun vocals”. “Death metal rap” would work, too. In this just-released video, he does a vocal playthrough of the Archspire song “Fathom Infinite Depth” from the band’s 2014 album The Lucid Collective. And it’s a lyric video. Which means you need to be prepared to read fast — I mean, really fast.

Lucid Collective is a mind-blowing album. This video blows my mind all over again. I’m going to be scraping pieces of it off my walls while you watch and listen to Oli in action.

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  1. Yay 🙂

  2. great band, great vocalist- and not just because he’s fast. I think he has great vocal dynamics for this style of music.

  3. Huh, so it’s Arch with a “k” sound, and not a “ch” sound? I learned something.

  4. damn! makes me sound like growling in slow motion, lol 🙂

  5. This band is excellent… and when I first listened to them, the vocals really stood out. The dude blows my mind.

  6. This isnt Death Metal, it’s Deathcore.

  7. “This isn’t death metal, it’s deathcore” You’re the first person to say that about Archspire. Also the most retarded person I’ve met. This is technical death metal, not even fucking close to deathcore. Compare this to Suicide Silence. They share nothing in common.

    Archspire is much faster, much more complex, vocal style is fast and racing too. This is by no extent deathcore.

  8. What I find staggeringly amazing is every elements; technical guitar riffs, magnificent bass licks, physics-defying blast beats and the unique vocals indeed, all these parts blend in so well and are composed and arranged so uniquely that makes Archspire a new level to Tech death. Relentless Mutation blew my mind and previous albums like Liquid Somnambulation is but above and beyond.

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