Mar 062015


Red Moon Architect are a melodic doom metal band who make their home in what has been described as Finland’s gloomiest town, Kouvola. Their debut album Concealed Silence was released in 2012, and today marks the release of their new album Fall via Playground Music. To help introduce you to the music of the new album, we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of an official music video for the new album’s second track, “Betrayed”.

“Betrayed” is cavernous and vast, the kind of crushing music that finds beauty in misery and truth in despair. Anchored by titanic riffs that move at the pace of a wounded leviathan and powerful drum strikes, the song is a striking contrast, its melody as captivating as it is forlorn.



This contrast is also powerfully captured by the vocal tandem of Juuso Turkki and Anni Viljanen, the former with a harsh, harrowing growl as deep as Martian canyons and the latter delivering the kind of pure ethereal tones that bring to mind the adjective “angelic”.

The candle-lit video makes for a fitting visual companion to the music’s sublime, haunting union of darkness and light.

Fall can be ordered from Record Shop X at this location, and it’s available on iTunes as well. Previously, the band released an official video for another song from the new album (“Cradle”), and you can see and hear that below the stream for “Betrayed”.





  1. Both of the songs are memorable and kinda different. Funereal maybe is the right word to describe the mood that inspires “Cradle” and is very powerful and “Betrayed” is more desperate. The sad aura sustained by that splendid angelic voice fits perfectly with the monolithic growl, very good!

  2. Crushing, yet evocative. And those female vox are gorgeous. Awesome track.

  3. Perfect winter music. Massively heavy and the vocal interplay seals the deal. Thanks for another great discovery!

  4. I should shift to finland.

  5. I like. Recalls Tuomas Saukkosen’s Black Sun Aeon with shades of StS. Winter Gloom Doom. :.::

  6. I can hear some Ahab in there. Which is meant to be complimentary. I’ve been on a doom kick since Oct/Nov and this gives me a reason to continue on said kick. Thanks for this.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve gotten well an truly hooked on it myself. I really love the fact that the vocals are so starkly contrasting and yet both essential and fitting within the context of the music.

  7. Haunting and beautiful… like all good doom should be.

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