Mar 262015


Brothers Jerred and Wyatt Houseman were formerly members of a brutal death metal band from Colorado named Execration. They have turned their talents to a new project — Helleborus — which is the scientific name for a genus of beautiful but poisonous flowers that bloom in winter. Their debut album The Carnal Sabbath will be released later this year, and today we bring you the premiere of one of the album tracks — “Coils” — plus the chance to download it for free.

Helleborus is a departure from the brothers’  previous work in Execration. It’s a psychedelic black metal project created to explore themes of sexual mysticism, the Qabalah, and the Esoteric.  About “Coils” in particular, Wyatt Houseman explains:

“Coils is the most universal offering in our continuous developing sound. Driven by a dark stream of inventive instrumental extravagance and the kind of creative power that romanticizes the listener. With catchy melodic grooves and blackened chords we desire to express something fresh and unconventional to our audience. We explore a lot of contrasting resonations that you may not expect to hear from a traditional black metal outfit.

“This is only one song we have planned from our upcoming album; each will tell their own cryptic story. We are extremely proud of this project and look forward to developing it further with fans watching and listening.”

The chiming riffs and exotic lead guitar melodies in “Coils” do indeed generate an air of mysticism that surrounds the song, but the music also rocks very hard. The thundering drums and rumbling bass rhythms give the song a sense of tangible power, and the jagged, howling vocals cut like a serrated knife. It’s a bulldozer as well as a spellcaster.

As you’re about to find out, the song is also catchy as hell, and it should hold special appeal to fans of bands such as The Devil’s BloodSatyricon, and Belphegor.

Check out Helleborus on Facebook here:

And to download a .zip file of “Coils“, click this link:




  1. Awesome track. Some interesting progressive flourishes develop later on in the track that I wasn’t expecting.

  2. this sounds awesome, i’m definitely downloading the single 🙂

  3. Frosty! Definitely downloading. :.::

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