Apr 202015


We discovered the Swiss band Schammasch through their 2014 album Contradiction (reviewed for us here by Andy Synn), which was one of last year’s best releases and quickly became a favorite of our site. Contradiction was the band’s second album, and now Prosthetic Records is poised to re-issue the band’s debut full-length Sic Lvceat Lvx in re-mastered form, and we’re privileged to bring you a stream of the second single from the album, a song named “INRI“.

The album was originally issued in 2010 as a limited-edition CD. In addition to having it re-mastered, Prosthetic has revamped the cover with striking artwork by Valnoir of Metastaszis (Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder) and is making it available not only on CD but on vinyl, along with a double-sided t-shirt.

The band’s vocalist C.S.R. has described “INRI” as “one of the few groove songs we wrote so far — thrashy, simple, forthright and still a great one to play live.” As for the song’s title, he explains: “Unlike it’s usual meaning as the cross inscription, the letters “INRI” refer to the alchemist aphorism ‘Igne Natura Renovatur Integra,’ pointing out purification through the flame of consciousness.”



C.S.R.’s description of the song is an apt one, but perhaps too humble. “INRI” is indeed a thundering, hammering, hell-ripping onslaught, but it builds an ominous, occult atmosphere as well as slashing with sharp knives and burning with black flame. As you’ll discover, the song is also highly addictive.

In other news, Schammasch are currently recording material for a new album, and have disclosed that Satyricon keyboardist Job Bos is joining the band for the recording session. We have much to look forward to.

Enjoy the power of “INRI” below, and pre-order the re-issue of Sic Lvceat Lvx from Prosthetic’s web shop here. The album will be released on May 18 (North America, UK, EU) and May 22 (Germany). And in case you missed the premiere of the first single from the album (“Black But Shining”), you can — and should — listen to that one below as well.





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  2. this sounds killer! 🙂

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