May 042015


The Slovenian death metal band Within Destruction released their debut album From the Depths in 2012, and they’re now at work on their second full-length. But while work on the album proceeds, tomorrow they will be releasing a new single entitled “Carnage“, and today we’ve got for you the premiere of the song along with a music video.

In a nutshell, “Carnage” is just a hell of a lot of fun. It also raises a lot of hell. It’s loaded with gut-punching percussion; thunderous grooves; swarming riffs; and an effusion of hair-raising shrieks and growls. There’s even a melancholy, serpentine melody to go along with some headbangable, mosh-triggering breakdowns.

If you’re the sedentary sort, this high-energy music may not suit you — or maybe it’s just what you need — because it’s tough to sit still while it runs rampant through your head.



The video is fun, too. It combines performance footage along with assorted off-stage antics, including water sports, whack-a-mole, submerged vocalization, and a penguin with Roman candles. Yes, you read that correctly.

Carnage” will be available tomorrow via Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon. Check out the video and song below.



  1. this is my first time hearing, they sound killer 🙂

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