Feb 092019


(On February 6th our man-about-town Andy Synn made the trek to Manchester, England, to take in a show at Rebellion Club, and this is his report, with videos of the event.)

If there’s one thing I know about Metal fans it’s that we, both individually and collectively, are often willing to put up with a lot of shit – be it a long journey, or an excessive amount of sub-standard music – to see the bands we love live.

Well, for tonight’s show, featuring four Australian acts and one Slovenian group, I had to contend with both, making a five-hour round trip and sitting through a couple of less than stellar performances, just for the opportunity to see Hadal Maw live for the first time (although, let’s be honest, I doubt I’ll ever turn down an opportunity to catch Psycroptic either). Continue reading »

May 042015


The Slovenian death metal band Within Destruction released their debut album From the Depths in 2012, and they’re now at work on their second full-length. But while work on the album proceeds, tomorrow they will be releasing a new single entitled “Carnage“, and today we’ve got for you the premiere of the song along with a music video.

In a nutshell, “Carnage” is just a hell of a lot of fun. It also raises a lot of hell. It’s loaded with gut-punching percussion; thunderous grooves; swarming riffs; and an effusion of hair-raising shrieks and growls. There’s even a melancholy, serpentine melody to go along with some headbangable, mosh-triggering breakdowns.

If you’re the sedentary sort, this high-energy music may not suit you — or maybe it’s just what you need — because it’s tough to sit still while it runs rampant through your head. Continue reading »