May 052015


About 10 days ago I enthusiastically praised a new EP entitled Don’t Go In the Tomb by a Polish band named The Dead Goats, and today I have the pleasure of bringing you a full stream of the EP.

I’ll resist the urge to just re-print every word from my review, and tell you this instead: This EP doesn’t wear out its welcome. I’ve found myself going back to it repeatedly since first hearing it. It’s become my new-found fix when I’m in the need for a jolt of high-energy rampaging, accompanied by the sweet tones of chainsaw guitar and skin-flaying vocals.



As I wrote previously, The Dead Goats have a love for old-school, punk-influenced Swedish death metal that they wear on their sleeves — and they wear it really well. There’s a huge, grinding undercarriage to the music, and the guitar leads sound like whirring drill-bits chewing through concrete. The music has a raw, honest quality, yet the instrumental performances are technically impressive and the songs are tremendously catchy and loaded with powerful grooves. Perhaps you’ll become as addicted to the music as I have.

The EP includes three tracks — two original songs and a cover of Repulsion’s “Festering Boils”. Stream it below.

Don’t Go In the Tomb is due for release on CD by Arachnophobia Records on May 10, 2015.



  1. Massive!

  2. Not bad, but unoriginal and forgetable

    • We don’t mind dissenting opinions, even in cases like this where peer-reviewed scientific studies have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am right and you are wrong. 🙂

  3. Damn that scream tore right through me. Jesus this is great stuff, thanks for spotlighting it! Are there other bands like this one here that you could recommend?

  4. Awesome stuff. Can’t get enough of that guitar tone.

  5. this sounds killer, they have a real savage energy 🙂

  6. Pretty cool, reminded me a little bit of Black Breath whom I’m going to marry someday.

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