May 122015


Is that an awesome album cover or what? It’s by W. Smerdulak (Arkona) and it adorns the forthcoming debut album by Russia’s Distant Sun. To give you a taste of what it holds in store, we deliver the premiere of a song named “Kill the Fremen”.

Distant Sun claim a lot of influences, including Annihilator, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, and Rage, and their music tends to be a fusion of melodic European power metal and American speed metal and thrash. You’ll get a sense of that from this new song.

The speed-metal riffs are kings on “Kill the Fremen”, but the jolting, galloping, hard-jabbing riffs that are their partners are damned strong, too. Listening to this song is like sticking electrodes right into your ear canals and spinning the power dial up into the red zone. But the band also switch up the tempo and throw in an off-speed melodic segment that enhances the song’s dynamism, which is further embellished by the mix of snarls and clean song in the vocal department. And what’s not to like about a yell-along refrain of “KILL! KILL!”?

Lyrically, Dark Matter, deals with such topics as science fiction, space travel, mysticism, and fantasy. It will be released on May 30, 2015, by Metalism Records. We’re told that the band are planning their first gigs for the autumn of 2015 and will then begin work on a sophomore full-length.

Now, here’s “Kill the Fremen”, followed by a previously released teaser for the album as a whole.




  1. hell yeah, that artwork is fantastic! i’m totally digging the song, killer riffs and the solos shred 🙂

  2. I did not expect to see this band covered on NCS. Kicks ass, but I don’t usually come here for my power metal fix!

  3. I’m sold on this one. Sweet tune.

  4. badass band!!

  5. Man this RAWKED MY BALLS!!

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