May 142015


The Italian band Airlines of Terror will be releasing their second album Terror From the Air on June 25 via Goressimo Records, and today we premiere for you a lyric video for the album’s first single — “U.F.O.=Tesla” — with artwork by Michel “Away” Langevin of Voivod.

If you’re a fan of The Day the Earth Stood Still and other sci-fi movies from the 1950s, you’ll get a big kick out of the video, and I think you’ll get a big kick (in the head) from the song, too.



It’s a death/thrash barrage propelled by a super-charged drum performance by Giuseppe Orlando (ex-Novembre), a meat-grinding bass execution courtesy of Emanuele Calvelli, and plenty of riff savagery by guitarists Fabrizio Agabiti and Demian Cristiani (who also blasts the growls like a machine-gun).

On top of the fact that the song generates high voltage like a mega-sized Tesla coil, it includes an insectile off-world melody that turns out to be insidiously catchy.

Terror From the Air features cover art by the amazing Marco Hassman and it’s available for pre-order here:

The track list is as follows:

1. Lysergic Parachutes
2. U.F.O.=Tesla
3. Pedophiliac Skyjacking
4. Funeral Rites Made To Exceed The Speed Of Sound
5. Engines Behind The Lunar God Volcano
6. Wings Red Kaput (Swing Swing Kaput)
7. The Sound Of Hardcore Diplomacy
8. Suicide And Bombardment
9. Terror From The Air

You can find the band on Facebook via this link:




  1. their music is just as awesome as their name 🙂

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