May 112016

Centinex-Doomsday Rituals


I’m still significantly distracted from the mission of NCS these days for personal reasons that I’ve described in previous posts, and that will likely continue to be the case for at least the next week or two. But although the round-ups haven’t been coming as frequently as usual, I did manage to pull this one together over the last few days. All the songs (and one video) are fairly recent and all provide some very tasty flavors of death metal (lots of cool cover art in this post as well). For better or worse, I need to keep my own verbiage short and let the music speak for itself.


That’s a hell of an album cover up there (created by Bahrull Marta of Abomination Imagery) for a hell of a band — Sweden’s Centinex. Their new album Doomsday Rituals is set for release by Agonia Records on July 8.

The band’s current line-up, which is different from the one that released eight albums prior to the disbanding of Centinex in 2005, is truly impressive: Martin Schulman (Demonical) on bass, Sverker Widgren (Demonical, Diabolical) on guitars, Alexander Högbom (October Tide, Spasmodic) on vocals, and Kennet Englund (Interment, Centinex 1999-2003). And so is the new song that premiered yesterday. Continue reading »

Jul 012015


If you’ve been dropping by our site on even a semi-regular basis, then you’ve probably seen one or more of our three song premieres since May from Terror From the Air, the new album by Italy’s Airlines of Terror. If so, then it will probably come as no shock that today we’re delivering a full stream of the entire album. And if by some cruel twist of fate you haven’t yet heard what these dudes have accomplished, then you’re in for a treat.

Actually, you’re in for a treat even if you’ve heard all three of those previous song premieres, because one of the album’s strong selling points is that Airlines of Terror aren’t a one-note band. All of the songs on this album do have certain things in common — eye-popping percussion, addictive grooves, galvanizing riffs, and strong melodies (not to mention a lot of rapid-fire, carnivorous vocal extremity to go along with the technical flash) — but each song has its own distinctive twists and turns, and that makes the album a kick to hear from start to finish. The phrase “all killer, no filler” applies here. Continue reading »

Jun 222015


If you’ve been keeping a count, then you know this is our third premiere of a song from Terror From the Air, the new album by Italy’s Airlines of Terror. In mid-May, we rolled out the first single from the new album, “U.F.O.=Tesla” (here) and then about two weeks ago we brought you the title track (here). Now, we deliver unto your vulnerable ears a video for the album’s third track, “Pedophiliac Skyjacking“.

And why, you may ask yourselves, have we been giving this band so much attention? Well, duh, because this album is an unholy onslaught of high-grade death metal romping and slaughtering! Continue reading »

Jun 082015


About five weeks ago we had the pleasure of premiering a lyric video for the first single from a new album named Terror From the Air by the Italian band Airlines of Terror — and today we’re premiering the new album’s title track in advance of its June 25 release.

This new song is a powerful death metal storm front that manages to be both sweepingly atmospheric and viscerally electrifying. The off-the-chain drumming drives the music into the red zone from the beginning, accompanied by a frenzy of furious riffs and Demian Cristiani’s wolf-like howls. Continue reading »

May 142015


The Italian band Airlines of Terror will be releasing their second album Terror From the Air on June 25 via Goressimo Records, and today we premiere for you a lyric video for the album’s first single — “U.F.O.=Tesla” — with artwork by Michel “Away” Langevin of Voivod.

If you’re a fan of The Day the Earth Stood Still and other sci-fi movies from the 1950s, you’ll get a big kick out of the video, and I think you’ll get a big kick (in the head) from the song, too. Continue reading »