Jun 082015


About five weeks ago we had the pleasure of premiering a lyric video for the first single from a new album named Terror From the Air by the Italian band Airlines of Terror — and today we’re premiering the new album’s title track in advance of its June 25 release.

This new song is a powerful death metal storm front that manages to be both sweepingly atmospheric and viscerally electrifying. The off-the-chain drumming drives the music into the red zone from the beginning, accompanied by a frenzy of furious riffs and Demian Cristiani’s wolf-like howls.



But the song is not only a blitzkrieg of swarming riffs and machine-gun percussion. As the song progresses, it evolves and  becomes more richly melodic and even more memorable. It’s the kind of music that envelops your senses as you listen, and it has its own character and individual identity, a song that’s worth hearing repeatedly. I’m thoroughly hooked by it; hope you dig it, too.

Terror From the Air — as well as the video for this new song — features artwork by Marco Hasmann, and it’s scheduled for release on June 25 by Goressimo Records. The album is available of pre-order here:


You can follow the band on Facebook via this link:


The track list is as follows:

1. Lysergic Parachutes
2. U.F.O.=Tesla
3. Pedophiliac Skyjacking
4. Funeral Rites Made To Exceed The Speed Of Sound
5. Engines Behind The Lunar God Volcano
6. Wings Red Kaput (Swing Swing Kaput)
7. The Sound Of Hardcore Diplomacy
8. Suicide And Bombardment
9. Terror From The Air



  1. Awesome, I definitely need to get this album 🙂

  2. Solid track. Never talk about this at an airport though.

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