May 142015


(In this post Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a song from the new EP by New York’s Pyrrhon.)

After last year’s outstanding album, The Mother Of Virtues, I had no expectation of hearing new music from Pyrrhon for a while. Yet here we are a year later and they’ve already churned out an impressive new EP called Growth Without End set to drop on June 2nd (both vinyl and digitally). We here at NCS felt it supremely fucking necessary to help spread the word about it, and now we offer up a disturbingly brilliant new track called “The Mass” to infect your earholes.

It’s probably best to take a deep breath before listening to “The Mass”, because it will immediately throw you into a deafening war zone of caustic and spastic riffing, schizoid vocal exorcisms, booming bass-lines, and bafflingly complex drum-work. Once it has thoroughly decimated you, the track unfolds into a slower mid-section replete with eerie grooves, taunting you in demented fashion, until it shifts back into the chaotic vortex with which it began.


Photo by Edward at Toilet Ov Hell — whose extended recent interview of Pyrrhon’s Doug Moore is here.

“The Mass” is truly a disturbing track, one that expertly showcases the multi-faceted nature of Pyrrhon’s disorienting and ugly music. If you’re ready to have your mind melted and your body involuntarily shiver in revulsion, click below. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Growth Without End was recorded and mixed by Ryan Jones and mastered by Colin Marston. Caroline Harrison created the artwork and layout. It’s available for pre-order now on Bandcamp, where you can also listen to another song — check the link below.

We’ve included the lyrics for “The Mass” — which you should read — below the music player. Frontman Doug Moore has explained that “‘The Mass’ is basically a metaphor for living with a chronic mental illness”.



You were a child when you :irst felt it
The mass hiding inside you
Its silent, fibrous bulk within
Pressing itself into delicate tissues

And so you bore its weight

Your bones twisted around it
You ate until you retched
It grew harder to breathe
The string in your back frayed You put a good face on it
Fear cradled your soul in its palm
In the hours that bracket sleep

The doctors couldn’t find the mass
Their machines turned up nothing
But you knew it was there
You could feel it shifting

And so you gathered yourself each day
And carried the mass in silence

The anchor inside the quiet stoic
The spindle of strength that guides the unwinding
The heart of your truest self

The mass will abide inside you always
And will sink you by heartbeats in the end

  7 Responses to “AN NCS PREMIERE: PYRRHON — “THE MASS””

  1. damn, really good lyrics!

  2. That song is like a meat-cleaver to the throat. I love the lyrics too. Terminal illnesses are a traumatic reality for many people. The grief, despair and anger that result from such a circumstance is a ripe fruit for metal lyrics. Great post.

  3. What’s up guys at No Clean Singing.

    I noticed you used a photo in this article of Doug Moore and company playing a Minneapolis show. It’s a photo I took personally that I used for two different articles at the Toilet Ov Hell, one of which being a recent interview I conducted with Doug. Not a big deal, love your site.

  4. The Mother of Virtues was my favourite album of 2014. I honestly believe that in 5 years or so it will have had the same impact on extreme metal as something like Obscura by gorguts.

    Good to see them back, but I really hope they can sign with a label that at least has the clout to put their music out on cd. The world needs this band to be heard.

    Lyrically and musically Pyrrhon are in a league of their own IMHO and this is another great song.

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