May 192015


The French black metal band Vortex of End made their full-length debut in 2007 with In Satan and Plutonium We Trust, and they are now following that up with a second album entitled FVLGVR.LVX.TERROR, to be issued by Deadlight Entertainment. Today we provide a poisonous taste of the new album via our premiere of a track called “Goatphalanx“.

It would be tempting for me to sum up the song as a lethal strafing run of black metal warfare, because it does indeed include its fair share of slashing riffs, furiously blasting drums, and booming bass notes, together with enraged, tyrannical howls. But that would be an oversimplified description, because there’s more to the song than a goat-phalanx assault — which is a big reason why it’s so good.



The song changes pace almost from moment to moment, and the the dissonant riffs and oppressive lead guitar melodies effectively build a sulfurous atmosphere of impending catastrophe. The song also boasts a powerful, pile-driving low-end sound that enhances both the morbid, groaning segments of the song and the moments of ravenous assault. And before the track ends, it also delivers a shimmering, vibrating melody that’s as memorable as it is despairing.

In other words, in less than four minutes Vortex of End deliver a song that’s dynamic and multifaceted — as well as poisonous.

The album can be ordered from Deadlight Entertainment here — the release is expected by the end of June. And you can listen to another song from the album (“Black Blood Kapala”) at CVLT Nation.



  1. wow, that’s a long time between albums, but it sounds pretty killer 🙂

  2. It’s like a Black metal version of Incantation or Dead Congregation. Awesome!

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