May 202015


Guess what? There’s a new Cattle Decapitation song, the name of which is “Manufactured Extinct”. It comes from the band’s next album The Anthropocene Extinction, which Metal Blade has scheduled for worldwide release on August 7. And you can see the delicious artwork for the album up above, created by longtime Cattle Decap collaborator Wes Benscoter.

I don’t have anything more to say about the song, because I’m at 40,000 feet at the moment, flying to Baltimore for Maryland Deathfest, and though there is wi-fi on this plane, it ain’t good enough to stream music. But I can embed the song for you to hear, and I can embed the lyrics right after the song, and I can ask you to tell me how awesome it is… and so I will do all those things right after the jump!

Buy this motherfucker here:




In the beginning of this, the anthropocene era
Life was pristine, resonating impact …the instigator’s arrival
Densely populating smashing biodiversity

Altered climate accelerating exacerbated by our human activities

We used it up, we wore it out, we made it do what we could have done without

Machines to make machines fabricating the end of all living things
Sacrificing all morality, the ends never justify the means

Technology defines the ages – Our human history burns its own pages

Under the sun and in the light of day we throw this all away
Instinctual devotion to annihilation
Eradication, mass predation – manufactured extinction
The powers that be are you and me

These enemies of inconvenience = undertakers

Entire species erased
Millions of acres defaced

Fuck this flesh
Curating distress
Composing our dirge
True nature emerged

Under the sun and in plain sight a tragedy has been designed
by hands of cultures intertwined in greed and cruel ways of life


  1. Travis Ryan shows again his vast abilty and his excellent vocal range, instrumentally is a scalding piece of Death/Grind that begins slowly just to become a furios explosion in velocity and heaviness after. The song is controlled between blastbeatings, some groovy riffs and a melody in the middle very well tied to the successive GRIND FINALE, it is not bad, not bad at all!

  2. YES

  3. That damn…voice…singing…thing….it’s so demented & I love it.

    • Can’t remember when I replayed a song four times in a row. That voice is just… otherworldly.

      Bring it!

  4. i already knew i was going like whatever they did next, but this is even more killer than i had expected 🙂

  5. I had high hopes after Monolith but…this…just…beyond. An incredible achievement of musicality and vocal ability within the confines of an ACTUAL SONG! Something many young tech-death bands seem to overlook in an attempt to display their virtuosity and musical masturbation. Bring on the album.

  6. Fantastic stuff

  7. I’m so blown away that am just gonna cop out this time and say…yeah…what they all said!

  8. Fuck. Yes!

  9. Also that Elton John pun…Krokodil Rot looooool

  10. Travis Ryan just reminded me why I’m in school studying environmental engineering. Fuck. I didn’t know death metal was supposed to re-affirm your career goals haha.

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