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(Andy Synn reviews the new EP by Pyrrhon.)

The veritable smorgasbord of styles and variants on the Death Metal template available today means that the genre offers the potential to satisfy seemingly every urge and craving.

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack of savagery, or a multi-course feast of diverse, Deathly dishes, there’s always going to be something in the recipe book – from Floridian flavourings to Blackened spice – to tantalise the taste-buds.

Case in point, Brooklyn-based Death Metal mixologists Pyrrhon have certainly come up with their own particular formula for sonic disorder, a foul and brackish brew of scalding fury and sickening intensity that practically compels the listener to gorge themselves senseless on the depraved delights it offers.



From the regurgitated venom of repulsive opener “Cancer Mantra”, through the fever-frenzied bludgeon of “Forget Yourself” and the twitchy, angular assault of existential angst that is “The Mass”, all the way to the bowel-loosening creep of “Viral Content” and the gluttonous, gut-wrenching cacophony of closer “Turing’s Revenge”, Growth Without End is the sound of a band serving up their own deviant discharge on a silver platter, and asking you, daring you, to dig in.

And although it’s possible, if you look closely enough, to pick out chunks of recognisable matter amongst the band’s filthy sonic stew – a sprinkling of Gorguts here, a dash of Cephalic Carnage there – the resultant helping of gastronomic genocide is the sort of dish that you’ll always be careful not to look at too closely, lest you discover what true horrors you’re consuming.

So grab your knives and forks and open wide. Savour every meaty metallic morsel of this EP. Chew and suck and swallow and make sure to lick your fingers clean once you’re done.

Just try not to think about it too closely. After all, “Soilent Green is people”.


Growth Without End is out now and available for vinyl and digital purchase via Bandcamp. According to Pyrrhon: “All band proceeds will go directly into the recording fund for our next record, so if you like our music and want more of it, buy the damn thing.”



  4 Responses to “PYRRHON: “GROWTH WITHOUT END””

  1. Damn, this is crazy heavy! Love it 🙂

  2. Nasty stuff from these dudes as always. I’ll admit that I, to a degree, tend to respect this band more than I like them, but very occasionally I’m in the mood for something inhospitable like this. Reminds me of Baring Teeth, who I like a little more.

  3. I think this band is a perfect example of why buying music does indeed actually fucking matter. Great band with a great record that ended up getting dropped from a label due to poor sales. Preorded this guy on wax, no ragrats.

  4. The world needs bands like this.

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