Jun 052015


(KevinP brings us another short-but-sweet interview, this time with Wyatt H. of the Colorado bands Akhenaten and Helleborus — whose new song “Coils” we premiered earlier this year (here) with a free download.)

K:   So how does one go from brutal death metal [Execration] to Mesopotamian and psychedelic black metal?

W:  Helleborus and Akhenaten were in development during our time spent with Execration. Jerred  had already started developing sounds for what would be Akhenaten in 2010. Around the time I was asked to join Execration, we were already experimenting with the elements of Black Metal before we had formed a solid project. Execration already had two releases when I started rehearsing with them. The nature of the music never fit with me but I enjoyed the chaos and energy behind it. Jerred and I tried our best to put our soul into the project with the last release The Acceptance of Zero Existence. Even though we had great success with the album, it brought light to me, that my brother and I were putting too much energy into something that wasn’t ours and of our true nature.



K:  Do you find it challenging or liberating running two bands, in the same general musical fold, simultaneously?

W:  Liberating.  My brother and I listen to many different forms of music and we progress from influences from all kinds of sources.  It is challenging to balance more than one project. Music is what we do as a whole and it is how we express our artistic message.  It will be a great part of our developing legacy.  Helleborus is presently our main focus and we shall be performing our first live rituals soon.  Akhenaten is currently only a studio act.  Don’t be surprised if you see more side projects or collaborations from us though.


K:  So far people can hear the one track, “Coils”, from the Helleborus debut album.  What details about the album can you share with us?

W:  The Carnal Sabbath is the title of the album and there will be 9 featured tracks. Details on a release date are still in development. My lyrics reflect aspects of sexual mysticism, death worship, and The Qabalah. With each track I have reached into the dark corners of my mind to reproduce some of my deepest introspection. My desire is to cast a shadow of my own on a lot of these areas. Each track harnesses a very potent and romantic force of energy. We do not demand contact from the other side but romanticize our own connections with it. We sought out the magical workings of Robert W. Cook (Norot) for the art. He is crafting extraordinary works for the album and we should be casting some light on that soon enough.






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