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(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a song and accompanying lyric video from the new album by Veilburner.) 

There’s a tired-but-true maxim that applies well in the music realm: “Strike while the iron is hot”. While you’ve got people’s attention, jam more music down their throats and keep things moving.  Veilburner have adhered strictly to this line of thought.

Last year, I and writers from several other sites hailed The Three Lightbearers, the debut full-length by this nightmare-inducing Pennsylvania-based death/black duo, as a highlight of 2014. Now, the band are already roaring back with their sophomore ode to chaos and annihilation, Noumenon, dropping soon on July 31st. And today we offer up the dual song-and-lyric-video premiere of “Ever Relapsing Fever”, the first track to air from the new album.




It begins as an industrial-laced nightmare of eerie soundscapes, repeated audio clips, and pounding feet hitting the sand, like a hellish army marching into battle and imminent death. It’s a fitting beginning for a band who are adept at exploring the depths of weirdness and psychedelia within the context of highly mentally unstable metal.

After that opening, the livid beating truly begins. Riffs that chainsaw at your flesh zig-zag back and forth, while pounding drums empty the life from your chest. Meanwhile, robotic-laced vocal effects and scorching growls gurgle forth, as if to proclaim that any oasis you may think you see ahead of you is only a mirage. If you begin feeling confused at this point, that’s only natural.




On “Ever Relapsing Fever” Veilburner show that they’ve continued to evolve, while preserving their prior insanity in a way that altogether transports you to another place as few bands do.  Having heard the record as a whole, I can confidently say it is the work of a band coming into their own — and as you read those words, bear in mind that their debut album was fucking amazing to begin with,

Keep a close watch on this band in the days leading to the release of Noumenon. Rumor has it that other sites may be premiering music from it as well!




  1. Wow, very trippy and different, I like it 🙂

  2. The jaw harp in the intro…

  3. Anyone else getting a very Grand Declaration of War vibe from this? I like it.

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