Jul 082015

Soilwork-The Ride Majestic


Sweden’s Soilwork have a new album entitled The Ride Majestic coming out via Nuclear Blast on August 28. Not long ago, the label posted an official lyric video for the title track on YouTube, which enables us to stream it for you in this post.

When you name a song “The Ride Majestic”, you had better make it a ride — and Soilwork have accomplished that. It’s a blood-pumping rush, loaded with galloping riffs, a swirling guitar solo, soaring melody, and the expected mix of harsh and clean vocal dynamics from Speed Strid. And yeah, it’s a damned catchy ride, too.

For another take on the song, I’ll quote one of my NCS comrades, who shall remain nameless since he didn’t know I was going to quote him:  “It sounds like Soilwork is going The Living Infinite route again, which means we’re going to have a ton of glorious keyboard and guitar cheese again.”

The album is available for pre-order from Nuclear Blast here. Check out the video below.




  1. I’m totally fine with a poppy-as-hell Soilwork – Strid’s voice can handle it for sure. Leave the ultra-heavies to other dudes.

  2. I love it! it sounds like this album is going every bit as awesome as “The Living Infinite” 🙂

  3. I can handle more soilwork. The Living Infinite was so damn good.

  4. Wow! Candidate for a 2015 Infectious Song methinks.

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