Jul 222015

Perverse Devolution


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new song by Breeding Filth from Lafayette, Indiana.)

Back in March, I helped premiere the first single from Breeding Filth, a Lafayette, Indiana-based technical brutal death metal act. For those who didn’t catch my post before, the band includes members of fellow Indiana tech-death wunderkinds Dawn of Dementia, which should tip you off to the talent and quality involved with their music.

While the band has yet to set a release date for their debut album, Perverse Devolution, they’ve tentatively stated to me that it will be dropping toward the end of the year. To ease the burden of this long wait, we at NCS are proud to show you another song off their record called “Pronounced Cancer”.

If you like your death metal frantic yet full of finesse, then consider “Pronounced Cancer” a metastasizing treat, aurally akin to being helplessly dropped into a fucking war zone.


Breeding Filth skateboard



If you manage to endure the experience, you just might enjoy it and crave its pestilential aura. While plenty of bands have been popularizing this style, the lead-guitar work and accomplished songwriting on display within “Pronounced Cancer” show a band who have definitely set themselves apart from their peers.

From the face-peeling riffs and frequent rapid-fire leads, to the throbbing bass throttling, demented vocal vomit, and skull-splitting drum-work, this track has it all.

However, don’t hit play unless you’re prepared for the possibility of shitting your pants in astonishment. So maybe you should grab some adult diapers first. And don’t feel weird about it, I always keep some handy for the same reason.




  1. This is fantastic! 🙂

  2. “Demented vocal vomit” very nice, i like the ring to that

  3. damn shit is brutal
    can’t wait

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