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The Polish death metal band Ogotay have completed a new album (their second) named Dead God’s Prophet that will be released by their new label Selfmadegod Records on August 1. We were given the opportunity to premiere a new song from the album of our own choosing. After listening to the album and liking it a lot, I agreed.

But picking the song turned out to be more difficult, because there is a lot of good stuff to choose from on this release, and the songs certainly aren’t all alike. The one I eventually chose was “Entering the Void”, which is the album’s fourth track.


Ogotay 2015


I think you’ll figure out pretty fast why I picked it — that opening riff is a goddamn skull-crusher! But that’s not all. It alternates with some grisly, whirring-drill-bit riffs that sound convincingly morbid, plus the song includes some very nice, gut-punching drumwork; deep, monstrous growls and hair-raising howls; and quick bursts of accelerated violence.

But seriously — that opening riff. So powerfully spine-shaking, so infectious. Every time it comes back, it got my head moving. And I bet it will stir up a mean pit when performed live.

Ogotay have churned out a heavy slab of predatory, bone-rattling death metal with enormous grooves and a pestilential atmosphere. Definitely worth your time.

As noted, Dead God’s Prophet will be released August 1st on CD and digitally by Selfmadegod Records. The album’s title track was released earlier, and I’m including it below our premiere of “Entering the Void”.




  1. I knew in the first five seconds that I was going to love it 🙂

  2. The second song there is a real killer, esp. the solo. pure polish mayhem!

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