Jul 242015

A pleasant slumber

a pleasant slumber

Hey there, happy Friday. I got back home late last night after a short out-of-town trip for my fucking day job. I didn’t write anything to post this morning before crawling into bed and sleeping like a dead man. By coincidence, none of our other regular writers sent me anything last night or this morning. So, basically, I got nothing right now.

I do have a very nice album premiere planned for today, but I haven’t finished writing it yet. In the meantime, rather than just have the site sit here with nothing on it except yesterday’s posts (as good as those are), I thought I’d try something out for a change — basically, the idea is to see if you’ll do my work for me.

One thing I haven’t managed to do this week is put together a round-up of new songs and videos. So, what I’d like to propose is this:

If you have discovered a new song you like from a forthcoming album that emerged over the last 7-10 days, or a recommended new EP or album that came out during the last 7-10 days that’s streaming someplace, please leave a comment and put a link to the music in the comment. That way, other people who visit this post can maybe discover some new music until I get my shit together today.



  30 Responses to “HELP A BROTHER OUT?”

  1. Well, there’s the teaser video from Black Table: http://decibelmagazine.com/blog/2015/7/20/black-table-stream-new-music-from-new-album

  2. Gateway…raw death/doom from Belgium: http://gatewaydeathdoom.bandcamp.com/album/gateway

    Mions Hill..black/thrash/doom…members of Black/Thrash band Condor…they did a great full length back in 2013 and have a new album this year as well: http://mionshill.bandcamp.com/

  3. I sent this to you a while ago via email (seams like you didn’t get around to it, no worries):
    Eschatos from Estonia: https://eschatoslv.bandcamp.com/album/hierophanies
    M.H.X’s Chronicles from Brazil: https://mhxschronicles.bandcamp.com/album/infinite-ocean

  4. This doesn’t help immediately, but my review of Hope Drone’s new one will be going up sometime today on metalbandcamp.

  5. New tech death EP from Spokane’s Serpentspire. https://serpentspire.bandcamp.com/releases

  6. This isn’t exactly NCS wheelhouse, but the new track from Wild Throne kicks all of the asses. Unhinged, passionate, technical prog-rock that never fails to surprise. It’s not metal, but it’s the kind of rock that metal fans like. New album in October.


  7. Dreadnought. Again, not the most metal suggestion, but I have seen at least one NCS contributor mention Maeth before, and if Maeth is game, so is Dreadnought. Etheral post-metal with strings, flute and the occasional crunch of bones. Released a preview track from their new album last week on Heavy Blog. All eleven minutes of “Bridging Realms” are captivating. Word on the new record is strong.


  8. Ahab has something new. They’re a far cry from the hopeless, trudging, wretched funeral doom they started with on Call of the Wretched Sea, but they’re still pretty good

    And also Myrkur posted few new songs, which kick ass

    • New Ahab had a few questionable vocal moments for me, but the riffs are goddamn titanic. And that new Myrkur, particularly Skogen Skulle Do, is piquing my interest in them again – I never got around to giving the EP a full spin, but I might have to do that, along with giving the album a perusal once it’s out.

  9. Agonia just announced De Praestigiis Angelorum, the debut release of a band called VI, which features current and ex members of Aosoth and Antaeus. I love both of those bands, and the sample track kicks ass:


  10. Not really new music, but might be noteworthy to mention that a Mr. Jon Chang (discordance axis, gridlink, hayano daisuki (sp) has suggested ‘ a return from retirement to a couple of limited engagements. ‘ Again, no posted music, but may be worth keeping an ear open for. https://m.facebook.com/GridLink512?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FGridLink512

  11. Uneven Structure released a new song from the upcoming album:

    So far, it’s left me a little nervous… not feeling it like the glory that was Februus

    And a few weeks back now, but Mechina released a teaser, which arguably is more like a movie teaser than anything to do with an album:

  12. Alustrium A Tunnel To Eden was just released technical melodic death metal

    i read about it on NCS before


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