Jul 242015

HAethen-Shaped By Aolian Winds


(Andy Synn reviews the debut album by Philadelphia’s Hæthen.)

How strange… following on from the 60th edition of The Synn Report, which went up earlier this week [here], it seems like I’m sticking around in Philadelphia for another band – Black Metal misanthropists Hæthen, whose debut album Shaped by Aeolian Winds, was actually released wayyyyyy back in February of this year – however, to my endless shame, I’m only just discovering it now.

Still, what we have here, no more and no less, is a striking slab of evocative, highly atmospheric Black Metal – carefully crafted and refined by people who clearly know the genre like the back of their hands – and, while it may not be the most original or earth-shattering album ever produced, it remains a fine collection of deftly written, deeply impressive songs in its own right.




Surprisingly ferocious introductory instrumental “Entranced by the Unknowing” certainly sets the tone of the album right from the off. What begins as a windswept piece of ebbing and flowing distortion soon transforms into a gale-force assault of searing tremolo work and sizzling blast beats that’s clearly influenced by the genre’s most famous totems, yet imbued with a vitality and visceral energy that makes it impossible for anyone but the most churlish of commentators to criticise it.

And so goes the rest of the album, with first track proper “Taking the Auspices” introducing some suitably snarlsome vocals as the icing on this particular blackened cake. The riffs by-and-large stick closely to the established Black Metal template, but they’re exceptionally well-written and arranged for all that, delivering a delicious deluge of dissonantly melodic (dis)chords and winding tremolo runs.

Similarly the drums never fail to skimp on the intensity, delivering a powerful pummelling of their own, their precisely placed and measured torrent of rumbling kicks and chattering blast-beats ensuring that the pace remains fast and punchy throughout the majority of the album’s almost hour-long run-time.

If it sounds like I’m disappointed or underwhelmed by this album – I’m not. Though it may not be reinventing the wheel, it definitely takes that wheel and provides it with an energetic new spin.

The eleven-minute “Fragments of Spectral Uncertainty”, for example, is pretty much everything that music like this should be. Dense, driving, bleakly (but subtly) melodic, and brimming with atmospheric over- and undertones (particularly during its absolutely haunting mid-section), it’s equal parts blistering and captivating for the whole length of the song.

The shorter, sharper, guitar-driven onslaught of “In Absence of the Eternal” is a similar slice of blackened perfection, positioning itself carefully at a nexus point between anguished aggression and artful atmosphere, while the darker, more introspective “Captured Within the Annulus” has a grim sense of grandeur to it that echoes the sound of the genre’s progenitors without once feeling derivative or disposable.

The rest of the album’s tracks follow suit –never attempting to fix a formula that clearly isn’t broken, yet never once failing to impress. These guys know exactly what they want to do, and they do it extremely well.


Simply put, this is an exceptionally accomplished and well put-together piece of atmospheric Black Metal – even more so when you consider that it’s also the group’s debut album.

Fans of Winterfylleth, Abigail Williams (particularly circa In The Absence of Light), and Iskald would all do well to take note, as Hæthen’s particular brand of sublime, frostbitten ferocity provides ample evidence that it’s not always sunny in Philadelphia.





  1. Great review, this sounds really good 🙂

  2. “…to my endless shame, I’m only just discovering it now.”

    I recommended this to Islander when it was released. Blame him. These guys killed when I saw them open for Falls of Rauros in Philadelphia.

    • I have failed again. It’s such a very long list of failures…. Actually I did listen to the album back then, really liked it, and then of course failed to write anything myself, and didn’t spread the word around among the other scribblers on our staff.

  3. I sometimes wonder if it is not more difficult to keep the wheel on its course rather than always trying to reinvent it, especially if it is the goal of the artist to create music that attempts to remain steadfast within a particular genre, in this case, “black metal.” Haethen offer an astounding example of creative intention, approaching the genre not as a static object or series of tropes to be rehashed and reused, but clearly as something vital and perhaps even a little elusive.

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