Jul 272015

Internal SUffering 2014


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of the title track to a forthcoming album by the mighty Internal Suffering.)

It’s been nine grueling years of waiting for a new Internal Suffering record, but finally all the pieces are in place for a fall/winter release of their new full-length, Cyclonic Void Of Power, through Unique Leader Records. Some of you may remember the lyric/song video premiere for “Vanished From Cosmos” that we presented last year here at NCS, which was the first glimpse of this ravenous release and triumphant return by the band. And now we have a second song/lyric video to bring your ears and eyes: “Cyclonic Void Of Power”, the decimating title-track from the new record.

While it’s not the most important thing to say about this band or this new song, it’s worth recognizing that they were so far ahead of their time that even now their unique brand of  brutal, technical death metal as captured well more than a decade ago sounds modern, and just as face-melting in all its twisted glory. As far as hyper-blasting, brutally minded metal bands with a hint of slam go, they are in a sense the grandfather of the current crop of bands playing in these styles. If you’re interested in death metal that’s a full-throttle stampede, and also somehow memorable along the way, then draw near to your speakers and prepare to headbang.

If by some stroke of bad luck you’ve yet to hear of Internal Suffering, imagine Suffocation-style, blast heavy NYDM run through at the riffing speed and ferocity of bands like Kataklysm and Cryptopsy. Everything is dialed to 11 and spiked with meth, with an ample amount of hatred married to a monstrous amount of talent.

“Cyclonic Void Of Power” hits like a merciless tornado hell-bent on destruction. The vocals are akin to a demonic summoning, and its endless supply of zig-zagging riffs and scorching lead guitar parts is mind-numbing, coupled with a hellacious rapid-fire bass rumbling and a nearly inhuman drum performance capable of nailing coffins shut in mere seconds.

Sometimes you have to give credit where it’s due, and “Cyclonic Void Of Power” shows a band who are somehow still in their very prime almost 20 years into their legendary underground career.




  1. wow, that’s crazy heavy! i love it 🙂

  2. Yes Very Well Mondongo.
    They are good. Their whole catalog is made up of high quality records, with good songs and interesting lyrics. songs are memorable , which is very strange for this kinda of brutal dm. And their compltee aesthetic , artworks and lyrical subject matter is crafted with good taste. Lovecraftian dark magic. Perfect fit for unique leader. Good to have them back. Internal suffering is southamerican brutal death. Eje cafetero.

  3. Wow havent heard this band in over ten years

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