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Neurosis 2015 tour


(Guest writer Ben Manzella interviewed Scott Kelly for a feature posted earlier today, and now we bring you his review of the show that followed the interview — performed in Madison, Wisconsin, this past weekend by Neurosis, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, and The Body.)

On this past Sunday, Neurosis played in Madison, Wisconsin, for the first time in about 19 years (from what I could find, at least). The last time they were here was as the opener for Pantera, and now on the cusp of their 30th anniversary as band, they headlined a theater in downtown Madison. This was my third time seeing Neurosis in as many years, but the excitement is always the same; if anything it was more exciting, as I had the opportunity to interview Scott Kelly before the show [published here]. But obviously, a show review is about the music, so let’s get to it.




First up was The Body. I’ve heard about them for some time, but the first album that really hit me with their eccentricities is their most recent collaboration with Thou, You Whom I’ve Always Hated/ Released From Love. I feel like they touch on the noise and experimental origins of Neurosis, and the heft of their noise is INSANE! With the sheer power I heard from Chip King as he screamed and strummed his guitar, along with the pounding of Lee Buford on the drums, I was left very impressed. I also really appreciated the atmosphere they presented, and in their seemingly being a no-frills pair of musicians who came for the sole purpose of damaging some ear drums.













While I’ve heard various things about Brothers of the Sonic Cloth band leader Tad Doyle, I’ll admit that I was not at all familiar with this band, as he’s more known for TAD as well as Hog Molly. In all honesty though, this new project he’s put together with his wife Peggy on bass, drummer Dave French, and second guitarist Pamela Sternim really rocked the Majestic Theatre. I’m not going to waste time trying to classify their music into some box-sized genre — they were yet again simply a fine example of how sonically heavy music can be. Heads were banging, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the walls were rumbling a bit, too, in the approval of a great set put on by the band.

I’d highly recommend checking out their self-titled debut out now on Neurot Recordings. Here’s a song that particularly impressed me the other night called “Lava”:














Finally, Neurosis was set to come on. Now, I trusted that the crowd would be respectful, and maybe I’m just being a bit of a grouch, but there was some unnecessary yelling toward the beginning of the set that was off-putting. Nonetheless, Neurosis had no trouble in reclaiming the venue as they tore through an hour and a half of solid, heavy music. It was the first time I had seen Neurosis when a mosh pit didn’t break out, and I was actually glad to see that; it seemed the crowd settled in and was attentive to what Neurosis were trying to have us all share that night.

With a fair mix of songs from Honor Found in Decay, Times of Grace, A Sun that Never Sets, and Through Silver In Blood, they balanced their set with a consistent feel and power throughout the show — many moments of ebbs and flows, and a good mix of what some of the trendy writers about metal in the 2000s would call signature “Neur-Isis Metal”.

At the end of the day, it was a Neurosis show. This is what I’ve come to understand about seeing Neurosis: whether you walk in a fan or not, if you appreciate heavy music and want to see a quality group of musicians put on a really excellent show on all fronts, go see Neurosis.

A Sun that Never Sets
Locust Star
Distill (Watching the Swarm)
The Doorway
Times of Grace
My Heart for Deliverance
The Tide
At the Well
Stones From the Sky
Through Silver in Blood







Thanks to Earsplit PR for the opportunity to cover this great show and tour. The remaining dates on Neurosis’ current tour can be found below the links.


8/05/2015 St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI w/ Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, The Body [info]

8/06/2015 Opera House – Toronto, ON w/ Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, The Body [info]

8/07/2015 Heavy Montréal – Montréal, QC w/ Mastodon, Meshuggah, Gorguts [info]

8/08/2015 Paradise Rock Club – Boston, MA w/ Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Sumac, The Body [info]

8/09/2015 Warsaw – Brooklyn, NY w/ Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Sumac [info]

8/11/2015 Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA w/ Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Sumac [info]

8/12/2015 Broadberry – Richmond, VA w/ Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Sumac [info]

8/13/2015 Cat’s Cradle – Carrboro, NC w/ Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Sumac [info]

8/14/2015 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA w/ Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Sumac [info]

8/15/2015 House Of Blues – New Orleans, LA w/ Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Iron Tongue [info]

8/16/2015 Warehouse Live – Houston, TX w/ Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Pinkish Black [info]



  1. Hopefully they still also have a Santa Ana show at least to go with the Bay Area show they usually play around December-ish. Even better, they could play the sister venue to the one they normally hit, Observatory North Park here in sunny San Diego. My mind will be concocting master plans to finally see these guys pretty much incessantly until it finally happens.

  2. sounds like an amazing show! Brothers of the Sonic Cloth sounds really cool 🙂

    • They were solid, Derek. I don’t know what Tad & the groups intent is long term, but they have a solid set of songs and sure can play. By the end of their set, it wasn’t clear about the crowds familiarity with them; but they sure liked what they heard & saw (myself included).

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