Aug 142015

throaat - black speed cover


Invictus Productions is in the process of releasing Black Speed, the new (third) EP by Brooklyn-based Throaat, and we’re giving you the chance to hear all of it right here. And unless you’re giving CPR or performing brain surgery, you really should stop what you’re doing and listen to it right now.

Throaat’s music draws together some of metal’s most hallowed (and evil) traditions, from the sounds of Motörhead and first-wave black metal luminaries such as Venom and early Bathory to primal speed metal, thrash, and hints of occult rock.

Other modern bands pull from those same venerated wellsprings of metal, but Black Speed is exceptional in the quality of its songwriting, in the clarity and electrifying power of the performances and the production, and in the authenticity of the venomous spirit that breathes through the music.


throaat - band


The EP consists of four original songs plus a cover of Venom’s “In League With Satan”. All the songs are dynamic affairs, marked by changing tempos and a remarkably natural integration of those metal traditions mentioned above, and although there’s the stench of sulphur and goat horns hanging over all of them, they’re loaded with highly infectious melodic hooks, ridiculously catchy riffs, and plenty of spitfire soloing.

The vocals are as much a selling point as the razor-sharp instrumental performances and the top-shelf songwriting. The jagged growls and rasping snarls are positively demonic. As much as the clarity and heaviness of the modern production, they’re a big part (for example) of why Throaat’s cover of “In League With Satan” is so much better than Venom’s original.

You know, I take it back. Even if you’re performing CPR or brain surgery, you should stop anyway — at least just long enough to listen to the mid-paced stomping, the punk-fueled romping, and the blast and slash in “Explode From Living Flame”. If that song alone doesn’t pull you headfirst into Black Speed, there may be no hope for you.


In other Throaat news, the band will be touring this September in support of the Greek black metal band Zemial. These are the dates confirmed so far:

September 7th – Baltimore, MD
September 8th – Salem, MA
September 9th – Providence, RI
September 10th – New York City with Deathhammer
September 11th – Wings of Metal Festival, Montreal
September 12th – Rochester, NY
September 13th – Toronto
September 14th – Peterborough, ON Canada
September 16th – Chicago, IL
September 18th – Denver, CO
September 19th – Kansas City, KS
September 20th – Lexington, KY



  1. ones commented on this?

    Shame…these guys are awesome..Im looking forward to catching them come through in September with Zemial

  2. that insanely badass artwork set my expectations pretty high and the music lived up to it 🙂

  3. “Black Speed” sums it up rather nicely. Great release.

  4. So cool. Too bad those tour dates were conceived in the same hell as the music.

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