Aug 192015

Shrine of Insanabilis-Disciples of the Void


David Glomba’s cover art for the debut album Disciples of the Void by Shrine of Insanabilis puts to the test my pet hypothesis that cool album covers tend to be a sign that cool music lies within — and this cover is definitely wonderful.

For better or worse, there are few other advance clues about the quality of the music in the public domain — other than the fact that the album will be released by W.T.C. Productions (which is certainly another favorable sign). The band’s members are unidentified, the location of the band isn’t widely advertised (though they seem to be from somewhere in Germany), and I’ve been unable to find any previously released recordings of their music.

But you are about to get a very strong clue about the music, because we’re bringing you the premiere of the new album’s second track, “Ruina”.




The song has an overpowering sound, produced in a way that maximizes the weight and savagery of the music. And it is indeed savage — a stunning onslaught of bestial black metal, loaded with ripping riffs, blistering drumwork, and clawing vocal ferocity. And when the band drop the pace, when the drums begin to boom and tumble and the riffs begin to lash with a grim, eerie melody, the song becomes quite infectious, too.

At the end, spectral visions rise up as the torrent on the battlefield subsides; the music becomes mystical (or perhaps hallucinatory), as well as raging.

It’s a riveting piece of music and an attention-grabbing clue that this album will be worth checking out in full.

Disciples of the Void will be released by W.T.C. Productions on September 22. Initially there will be a CD and digital release, to be followed later in the year by a vinyl LP in cooperation with Fallen Empire. The track list is as follows:

1.End All
3.Acausal Paths
6.Still Of This Earth
7.Cycles And Circles



  1. If the rest of the album is as badass as “Ruina” you can count me in 🙂

  2. Very good, bestial and merciless, good production, I’ll keep an eye close to them!

  3. this sounds really good! kinda reminds me of nightbringer and a bit of katharsis thrown in.

  4. This is definitely my kind of black metal.

  5. Man, they really come out guns blazing. Awesome song.

  6. Holy shit, this is fucking excellent. Outta nowhere with the Black Metal victory! I’m buying this album for sure!

  7. This is pretty decent. Will need to pick this up when it comes out

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