Sep 062015

Rearview Mirror


It seems that Immortal are no more. Last year Abbath declared the band at an end, and having lost a legal battle to secure rights to the name, he is forging ahead under his own. Meanwhile, Demonaz and Horgh announced last month that Immortal will continue without Abbath, and that the two are at work on a new album to be released by Nuclear Blast.

Who knows whether these now separate formations will create music worthy of the band’s past glories. Rather than engage in fruitless speculation, let’s listen to some of those instead.

Actually, you are of course entirely free to speculate in the Comments — and to suggest other Immortal songs that would be fitting for a trip down memory lane.





  4 Responses to “THE REARVIEW MIRROR”

  1. Demonaz self -titled project a few years back was solid, but not exactly mind blowing. I suspect the newest incarnation of Immortal will follow along the same lines

    …and while I like pretty much everything Immortal has ever done, “Where Dark and Light dont Differ” completely owns all your faces

  2. “One by One” is still probably my favorite track from them.

    Too bad to see them splitting like this.

  3. I’m much more interested in Abbath than I am in the new Immortal, but I’ll give both a listen 🙂

  4. Yeah. I’m going to be following what Abbath is up to. A lyricist and a drummer claiming the name just doesn’t work for me. Abbath has played drums, bass, guitar, and always done the vocals for Immortal. That says a lot of who’s more “Immortal” both literally and figuratively (the latter as in who will be/is more legendary).

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