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Abigail Williams-The Accuser


A few days ago I was in a sour mood because it appeared I might have to go to Alaska for my fucking day job, with the prospect of spending 10 days there in a state of metal sensory deprivation. As things turned out, I did in fact have to go to Alaska — and then turned around 24 hours later and flew back to Seattle. So while the entire escapade was ridiculous (and not worth explaining), the good news is that I can return to normal blogging activity.

Of course, while I was distracted with all this nonsense, dozens of new songs and videos appeared that were worth recommending to you. Our pal Leperkahn stepped up and wrote a 3-part post that we published earlier today featuring 16 of them. However, that collection did not cover everything on my own list of goodies, and in addition Austin Weber sent in a couple of suggestions himself. So in this post I’ve included Austin’s two songs (and I’ll identify which ones they are when I come to them), plus a couple of my own. At the risk of driving you into sensory overload, still more will follow from my list over the weekend.


Last fall we debuted demo versions of two awesome songs from Abigail Williams’ new album, The Accuser, but today brought the premiere of the album’s first track. I actually got wind of it yesterday through an e-mail alert from Bandcamp that the song had appeared on Candlelight’s page for the album. The song’s name is “Path of Broken Glass“.


Abigail Williams-by Levan TK
Abigail Williams, photo by Levan TK

Good name for the song, because this one rips like broken glass — if it could be sprayed from a fire hose at full force. Sorceron’s vocals are as skin-flaying as the threshing riffs and the meat-grinding bass-and-drum barrage. The song also includes some interesting twists and turns that I won’t spoil for you — but they help make this song one that can get stuck in your head, even while it does its best to dismantle your well-being and leave it in ruins.

The Accuser is set for release on October 30. It features artwork by the amazing Stevie Floyd as well as a musical guest appearance by Neill Jameson (Krieg, Twilight). Pre-order via the Bandcamp link below.








Imperial Triumphant-Abyssal Gods


(Austin Weber wrote the following item, and the next one as well.)

A few months back when I got to see Imperial Triumphant and Thantifaxath live, Ilya from Imperial Triumphant mentioned to me that they had a music video in the works for their song “Krokodil”. Some of you may have heard it previously as we actually premiered the song itself a number of months ago before their album Abyssal Gods was released. It’s a very doomy, unsettling song and the disturbing, sometimes trippy visuals animated by Casey Drogin within the video are a match made in heaven. I mean hell.

A big part of what makes it so great is that it doesn’t include typical performance footage as most videos do. Instead, it takes you on a purely animated journey into the throes of addiction and insanity — one that chronicles a writhing body in search of Krokodil, and whose body is later dissolved upon the figure’s injecting his face with a needle presumably filled with the substance. I find it highly unlikely that a better music video will come out this year. So hit play and prepare to lose your mind.








Wolcott Falls art


(Austin Weber wrote the following introduction to a new song from Wolcott Falls.)

We cover so much music here at NCS that I’m often pleasantly surprised to see Islander or another writer here post about a lot of the same obscure bands I love. Back in April of this year, Islander shined a spotlight on mechanical metal maniacs Wolcott Falls from Wolcott, New York. This pleased me greatly as I’d been meaning to make mention of them here for some time. Thankfully that time has come, since the band just released a new single called “Exposed”, and it’s a deranged engine of chugging dread.

It’s part head-bobbing groove and part sickening dissonance; this sounds like music made by highly unhappy robots. Lest you think it’s just all groove, “Exposed” rides in on frenzied drumming and stabbing riffs before rusting and slowing transforming into a churning maelstrom of discordance. Absolutely twisted and catchy all at once.








Bodyfarm-Battle Breed


The last time I wrote about Bodyfarm was two entire years ago. Back then, when I had my first taste of the band’s last album The Coming Scourge, I described the music as “tank-blasting, belly-crawling, murder-riffing, fiery soloing, battlefield death metal of the old school.” I am now very happy to report that these Dutch death metal maestros are about to come roaring back, ready to plant new bodies in the farm.

Their new album is Battle Breed, and today the band delivered a lyric video for the album’s first advance track, a fine piece of savagery called “The Dark Age”. It features a guest vocal appearance by Martin Van Drunen (Asphyx, Hail of Bullets), and if you’re going to have a guest vocalist on a song like this one, it’s hard to imagine a better choice.

It’s a high-speed, rampaging track that combines spine-fracturing percussion, murderous riffs that pound and swarm, a dismal melody that will get its hooks in you (amplified by a gripping solo) , and of course a full dose of vocal ferocity. When the most martial aspects of the song emerge about halfway through, head banging is compulsory.

Battle Breed will be released on November 6, 2015, via Cyclone Empire Records, and like the last album it again features cover art by the awesome Juanjo Castellano.



  1. Whoohoo! New Bodyfarm, and it’s awesome! 😀

  2. As someone who has heard the entirety of “The Accuser” (because I am such a special little flower) I will say that there’s a fair hint of their time with Lord Mantis having rubbed off on the band on this one… it’s definitely a worthy successor to “Becoming”… but a lot more nihilistic in tone.

    • The Lord Mantis vibe in Abigail’s new album is coming off very strong. It really has me looking forward to this release since I just can’t get enough of Death Mask.
      I still don’t have Abyssal Gods yet and that video was a pretty good reminder to go get it asap.

      • Love that album. Well… maybe “love” is the wrong word when talking about that band…

        • Saying anything positive about that band is just wrong in essence, but it feels so right at the same time.
          And on a side note, I’m really looking forward to their EP that is supposed to be out soon.

      • Dude you need to grab Abyssal Gods! It’s probably my favorite black metal release of the year.

        • In my defense of not having it, I was going to buy it on vinyl but I have yet to see it on that format. So I guess I might as well grab it now while I have the chance and my interest is peaked for it again. Based on what I’ve heard along it sounds like an amazing follow up to their debut album which I loved.

  3. I pulled up that Bandcamp email about Abigail Williams on my phone, and then promptly forgot to do anything with it until I saw this post. Damn good song though – the nihilistic approach (as Andy put it) suits them well.

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