Jan 132023

The harrowing video we’re presenting today for Bodyfarm‘s “The Swamp” is open to interpretation. It may be that the modern-day protagonist is suffering from a psychotic or schizophrenic episode, and that what he sees and experiences is a figment of his own mind. Or it may be that he is caught in some kind of time loop or state of possession, in which he really does frantically trade places with a soldier fighting for his life on an old battlefield. Or it may be a metaphor for the violent battlefield of human life today and in all ages.

However you choose to interpret it, it’s an unsettling thing to see, but the power of the song itself is if anything even more massive and emotionally devastating. It’s also the kind of song that has the hallmarks of an instant classic, a melding of crushing death metal heaviness, ravaging vocals, and intensely affecting melody, and a reminder of just how daunting a force Bodyfarm still are, after more than a dozen years following their inception. Continue reading »

Aug 012019


Today’s round-up of new music and videos again comes in two-parts, which is more a statement of optimistic expectations than a present reality, since I haven’t started work on Part 2 yet. As for the present reality of Part 1, it’s focused on the deathlier side of the metal spectrum. As I did earlier in the week, I’ve also inserted an announcement unaccompanied by music, which I rarely do, but again couldn’t resist.


I’m beginning with that announcement. Even though there’s no music yet to share from Bodyfarm’s new album, I couldn’t resist adding it to this collection because Dan Seagrave‘s cover art is so spectacular (this series, after all, is called SEEN and heard for a reason). There’s also the added attraction of this Dutch band’s previous releases, which provide solid reasons for expecting good things from the new one. Continue reading »

Oct 072015



Yesterday I compiled a massive round-up featuring new songs and/or videos by seven bands. But that still didn’t exhaust what I had found in the preceding days. And, metal being such an explosively metastasizing tumor, I’ve found still more things to get excited about since I wrote yesterday’s compilation. So, what the hell, I’ve decided to throw caution to the winds and prepare another even more jam-packed post, with good things from eight bands. Once again, I’m choking back my tendency to shower many words over the music… I’ll just scatter a few droplets instead.


I’m going to start by telling you about a full-album stream that came rushing up like a freight train at night with the lights off. Which is a way of saying that although we here at NCS are enormous fans of Vreid, we received no advance copy of their new album Sólverv, and just learned that all the songs have now been officially uploaded to YouTube for streaming. Continue reading »

Sep 112015

Abigail Williams-The Accuser


A few days ago I was in a sour mood because it appeared I might have to go to Alaska for my fucking day job, with the prospect of spending 10 days there in a state of metal sensory deprivation. As things turned out, I did in fact have to go to Alaska — and then turned around 24 hours later and flew back to Seattle. So while the entire escapade was ridiculous (and not worth explaining), the good news is that I can return to normal blogging activity.

Of course, while I was distracted with all this nonsense, dozens of new songs and videos appeared that were worth recommending to you. Our pal Leperkahn stepped up and wrote a 3-part post that we published earlier today featuring 16 of them. However, that collection did not cover everything on my own list of goodies, and in addition Austin Weber sent in a couple of suggestions himself. So in this post I’ve included Austin’s two songs (and I’ll identify which ones they are when I come to them), plus a couple of my own. At the risk of driving you into sensory overload, still more will follow from my list over the weekend.


Last fall we debuted demo versions of two awesome songs from Abigail Williams’ new album, The Accuser, but today brought the premiere of the album’s first track. I actually got wind of it yesterday through an e-mail alert from Bandcamp that the song had appeared on Candlelight’s page for the album. The song’s name is “Path of Broken Glass“. Continue reading »

Sep 022013

Because of The Great Seattle NCS Confab, coupled with a bit of day-job grind, I largely missed happenings in the world of metal over the last 10 days. I made an effort to go back and find news and new music worth recommending from that stretch of lost time, and felt overwhelmed. I’ve pretty much given up on the idea of catching up and have decided to start fresh — with this round-up of five new videos that debuted this morning.


Fans of Devin Townsend are aware that September 30 will bring the release of a new DVD/CD entitled The Retinal Circus which captures the stunning three-hour show of the same name that took place in October 2012 at London’s Roundhouse venue (reviewed by our own Andy Synn here). The show featured a full choir, a theatrical cast, and enough visual and sonic bombast to mimic the blitz in WWII.

We previously featured the first publicly released clip from the DVD — the show-stopping performance of “Grace”. Today, DT premiered a second clip, for the song “War” from his third solo album Infinity. Watch and listen next. Continue reading »

Nov 092011

I have a brain that seeks simplicity (because actual life is frustratingly complex), and therefore symmetry is appealing. We began the day with a Box O’ Poops, and so I believe we need a bookend. I thought about titling the post Ducking Meth Fetal, but I think we used that once upon a time. Plus, it would be asymmetrical. And therefore, we have Metal O’ Death.

As I noted yesterday, because I’m on vacation I’m not devoting the time I usually spend each day scouring the interhole for new music and news items of potential interest to our readers. However, in the space of about 30 minutes of snooping yesterday, I magically came across two new videos that waked me from my vacation-induced coma, like being bitch-slapped by an evil doctor that wants to make sure you’re alert and full able to appreciate the physical invasion about to come. Prepare for bitch-slapping by Bodyfarm (The Netherlands) and My Own Grave (Sweden).


Bodyfarm is a new name to me. In 2010, they released a self-titled EP, and that induced Abyss Records to pick them up. The band are now working on a full-length album called Malevolence that Abyss will release in 2012. What I saw yesterday was a brand new official video for a track from the EP called “Slaves of War”. It’s one of those songs constructed to punch all sorts of buttons in people like me who like a good thrashing of thrash-paced death metal, with irresistible riffs and canyon-sized grooves. It ain’t fancy, but it does the job quite nicely. Continue reading »