Nov 092011

I have a brain that seeks simplicity (because actual life is frustratingly complex), and therefore symmetry is appealing. We began the day with a Box O’ Poops, and so I believe we need a bookend. I thought about titling the post Ducking Meth Fetal, but I think we used that once upon a time. Plus, it would be asymmetrical. And therefore, we have Metal O’ Death.

As I noted yesterday, because I’m on vacation I’m not devoting the time I usually spend each day scouring the interhole for new music and news items of potential interest to our readers. However, in the space of about 30 minutes of snooping yesterday, I magically came across two new videos that waked me from my vacation-induced coma, like being bitch-slapped by an evil doctor that wants to make sure you’re alert and full able to appreciate the physical invasion about to come. Prepare for bitch-slapping by Bodyfarm (The Netherlands) and My Own Grave (Sweden).


Bodyfarm is a new name to me. In 2010, they released a self-titled EP, and that induced Abyss Records to pick them up. The band are now working on a full-length album called Malevolence that Abyss will release in 2012. What I saw yesterday was a brand new official video for a track from the EP called “Slaves of War”. It’s one of those songs constructed to punch all sorts of buttons in people like me who like a good thrashing of thrash-paced death metal, with irresistible riffs and canyon-sized grooves. It ain’t fancy, but it does the job quite nicely. Continue reading »

Jan 052011

The post title is our way of summing up two new videos we saw yesterday and a new song we just heard. We exercised a bit of literary license in doing that, but we know you’ll forgive us.

The first video is from The Burning — a Danish band whose 2010 album Hail the Horde we’ve had a blast listening to since it was released in November. We’ve previously featured the first video from that album, for the awesomely headbangable song “Bait the Hook” (go here for that). The Burning have now released a second video for the album’s title track. It’s a straight-ahead, no frills party anthem, and the video matches up quite nicely with the music — a montage of performance footage and behind-the-scenes clowning around.

The second video is for a song called “None Shall See” by a Swedish death metal band called My Own Grave. The songs comes off the band’s latest album, Necrology, which was produced by the ubiquitous Dan Swanö at Unisound and released on Pulverised records last July. We haven’t heard the album yet, but this song makes us want to. It’s old-school Swedeath with modern attention to hooks and grooves. And there’s lots of bleeding in the video, like the bleeding that would occur if someone hit you in the mouth with a brick.

And then there’s that new song, now available for free download, by The Project Hate MCMXCIX. It’s an epic-length, 12 1/2-minute offering that we won’t even attempt to sum up in words.  So, get ready to party, bleed, and drown . . . after the jump. Continue reading »