Sep 292015

The Wicked Library cover

(We bring you a message from Grant Skelton….)

After our recent Litany Of Literary Lunacy roundup, Dan Foytik of The Wicked Library podcast reached out to us. Foytik is looking to work with musicians who want to create original compositions for inclusion in future episodes of The Wicked Library.

In his own words, Fotyik said:

Wicked Library exists primarily as a promotion tool and community for writers, artists (and hopefully) musicians to find new fans and get their work heard.We currently have just over 22,000 monthly listeners worldwide, so if you know any musicians that might be interested in some pretty easy scoring work (which they retain the rights to by the way), I’d be happy to talk to them.

The podcast features horror stories primarily by new and upcoming authors. In the spirit of old-timey radio shows, Foytik provides narration, music, and sound effects to the stories. Metal and horror fiction are kindred spirits, so this could be a fun experience for any musical contributors.

Fret not, writers. I haven’t forgotten you. The Wicked Library is always open to story submissions. Go here for submission guidelines.

Musicians can contact Dan Foytik at for more information on submitting an original score.

For more on The Wicked Library, visit any of the links below.


  1. this sounds very intriguing and very cool, i’ll have to check it out 🙂

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