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This past spring brought the news that following the well-publicized split within the ranks of Immortal, Abbath had decided to move forward with a new band under his own name, with King Ov Hell (ex-Gorgoroth, Ov Hell, God Seed) on bass and a mysterious drummer known as “Creature“. Season of Mist will release Abbath’s debut album next year, as well as a new Abbath 7″ single on December 11.

In addition, Abbath has been releasing a series of live videos, beginning with a performance of a new song named “Fenrir Hunts” and continuing with a cover of “Warriors”, originally released by the band I on the album Between Two Worlds (2006) — a band that included Abbath on vocals and guitar along with King on bass, plus guitarist Ice Dale (Enslaved) and drummer Armagedda (Demonaz).

And now today we’re helping to premiere the third of these live videos, a performance by Abbath of “Nebular Ravens Winter“, which appeared on Immortal’s 1997 album Blizzard Beasts.

Abbath-Count the Dead


All three of these videos were directed by Fraser West, and we’ve now featured all of them, not only because the music is so good but also because the videos are very well-made — beautifully edited kaleidoscopes of light and shadow that enhance the intensity of the music.

The video for “Nebular Ravens Winter” was recorded in September in the same live session as “Fenrir Hunts”. The song is a thrashing high-speed roller-coaster ride, a ferocious, slashing, swarming black metal attack that rapidly changes course from moment to moment.  While the song is a showcase for a lot of technical flash, it’s also home to melodic hooks that get stuck in your head. Abbath says: “This is one of my favourite Immortal tracks. It’s from the album Blizzard Beasts. Enjoy or die!”

I think I’ll enjoy — and we hope you do, too. In case you missed the previous live videos, you can find those below as well.

P.S. That forthcoming Abbath single will include a new track named “Count the Dead”, plus a cover of the Judas Priest song “Riding on the Wind”.  The artwork appears earlier in this post, and the single is available for pre-order at the Season of Mist E-Shop.







  1. I’m really loving this video series, can’t wait to hear the new album 😀

  2. All these songs are very good indeed and the videos too!

  3. Lord of Might and Magic, how I love Abbath.

  4. The production on this live video sounds better than Blizzard Beasts ever did. That said, Abbath is sounding pretty Behemoth-y to me, which is certainly something I can get behind.

  5. Looking forward to their full length indeed.

  6. Any idea who is playing second guitar? He appears briefly at 3:22

    All these songs (old and new) and videos are great. I´m super hyped for the new album.

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