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Swallow the Sun-Songs From the North


Yesterday and today brought yet another flood of very good new song and video premieres, many of which I’ve collected in this post. This is another instance where there’s so much music I want to share that I’m having to throttle my tendency to spill great piles of words on top of the music. Instead, there will be only small molehills of words.


Yesterday Finland’s Swallow the Sun premiered a lyric video for one of the vast number of songs on their forthcoming three-disc album on Century MediaSongs From the North I, II & III. We’re trying to figure out how to review this album. Current thinking is to divide it among three different writers here at our site. We probably need to think more.

Anyway, this song is “Heartstrings Shattering” and features guest vocals by Aleah (Trees of Eternity) The title is well-chosen.









Belphegor-Conjuring the Dead


Belphegor’s most recent album is 2014’s Conjuring the Dead. Here we have a new video for a song from the album named “Black Winged Torment”. The video was filmed and edited in Aveiro, Portugal, by director Guilherme Henriques.

Lots of disturbing imagery in here (from Belphegor? what a shock!). There are people eating and drinking things that you’re not supposed to put in your mouth. Also, blood, fire, and boobs (yes, it’s probably NSFW). Good song, of course.











Poland’s Lost Soul have a new album coming out on October 30 through Apostasy Records. The name of it is Atlantis: The New Beginning, and yesterday the band premiered a lyric video for the song “Atlantis”.

The song is both faster than a spurting artery and as slow as coagulating blood, vicious as a pack of starving wolves, dissonant and destructive, technically acrobatic, and thoroughly sinister in its atmosphere. Cool video, too.









Black Fast art


Next I have a new video, which premiere today, for a song named “The Coming Swarm” from Black Fast’s new album Terms of Surrender, out now from eOne Music.

Thrash your goddamned reproductive organs off. You can take a breath near the end (and let your head go spinning in a different and wonderful way).









Revenge cover art


From Canadian black metal torrential chaos practitioners Revenge we next present “Silent Enemy”, the second new track from their forthcoming new album on Season of Mist, Behold.Total.Rejection.

Black grind, sounds like hurricane-strength sandblasting savagery with intermittent hammering work on a construction project and mating time at the gorilla cage. Fuckin’ nuts, in the best possible way.









Human Improvement process-Enemies of the Sun


In mid-September, Andy Synn reviewed for us (here) the new EP by Italy’s Human Improvement Process, Enemies of the Sun. They have now released a video for “Project Monarch”, made by CianoMagenta. To quote Andy:

“Prepare to have your face-melted and your brain sandblasted into submission by some frenzied, focussed, and utterly furious Tech-Death domination!” The stitching together of movie and news clips in the video works quite well, too.









Whoretopsy-Never Tear Us Apart


To bring this jumbo-sized round-up to a close, we bring you one more video. Melbourne’s Whoretopsy released it a few days ago for a track named “Dendrophilia” from their new album Never Tear Us Apart, released in August (and available here).

The song: frantic, frenzied, slamming, slaughtering, skull-crushing, brain-pureeing, highly unstable. The video: a fun tour travelogue.

You really don’t want to miss the tender and hilarious lyrics for this one, which are available below the video here.







  1. But if I thrash my reproductive organs off to Black Fast, won’t Belphegor compel me to then ingest them? That would shatter my heartstrings.

    Great roundup!

  2. New Revenge!!!…

    …all posers leave the hall, now!

  3. Blood, fire and boobs. Isn’t that really all you need?

    Agreed with Grant. Great stuff.

  4. I’m not sold on that Swallow The Sun triple album. I feel like that is just too much for one band regardless of how they do it but if they can prove me wrong, more power to them.
    Probably should pick up that Belphegor album, some real solid tracks on it.
    Lost Soul is killing it like I expected! Highly anticipating that new album!
    Black Fast’s last album was great and this new one sounds like they are really upping their songwriting abilities.
    Revenge blew me away! I don’t know what I was expecting to hear but what a misleading song title, there is nothing silent about that song at all… And oh god, those “stomping” sections in the song are downright heavy and catchy as all hell!

    • I didn’t know what to expect either, and based on the way the song started I sure didn’t see those stomping sections coming either. A stroke of vicious genius.

  5. I love the Belphegor video, nice and creepy 🙂

  6. I feel like Revenge is a band I should like, but time and time again when I listen to their music, it just doesn’t work for me. I’ll keep trying, though.

    • Try either “Infiltration.Downfall.Death” or “Scum.Collapse.Eradication” as theyre probably the most accessible of Revenges albums (..and by accessible, I mean there are occasional moments of groove mixed into the blistering chaos)

  7. New Revenge is always good news to me,vocals that sound like someone getting fucked up the ass while screaming down a drainpipe and someone trying to sing while their throats cut really make my day.

    • I approve of this description…
      I was gonna go for something like “Pitbulls shitting into a mic while cities tumble all around”

      Or… even better, J Read himself said he wants the drums to sound like skulls being smashed.

  8. Oh! And the way J Read hatefucks his drum kit is always a treat 😉

  9. Gotta love that Black Fast. And though I might like Swallow the Sun generally, I’m still very skeptical as to whether they can pull off a triple album, or frankly whether anyone can.

  10. First StS track sounds totally rad. And if Soilwork can successfully pull off a double, then StS surely can make a stellar triple me thinks 🙂

    I am ready to be amazed!

  11. StS are insane to release this. I’m sure the die hard fans will rate it highly, but clearly this is too much music for a single release. Double albums are a dumb idea; a triple album will have probably 5 stellar songs out of potentially 30 and then a whole lot of filler. I’m surprised they have label support to do this.

    • Not to sound funny Josh, but that’s a whole heap of conjecture based on pretty much nothing but your own opinion, presented here as fact.

      • Yea, but most posts are just opinions presented as fact. Look at the guy at the top who said it was a stroke of genius to release this thing. Opinion, not fact.

        I mean you can’t honestly say that a triple release will have a majority excellent (or even good songs) can you? Even a stellar band like Sulphur Aeon or Obscura couldn’t pull that off. I like StS but if any band could pull of a triple release it’s definitely not them. They just can’t sustain any consistency with that style of music over potentially 30 songs.

        But maybe I’ll be proven wrong!

  12. “Enemies of the Sun” is flawless, their melodic gaps are perfectly interconnected to their feral sonic aspect, truly punishing and inspired.

  13. Black Fast’s album is easily my favorite thrash album of the year, and that’s considering that this year has also given us new Fog Of War, Deathhammer, and Perversor.

  14. Swallow The Sun.. (opinion, not fact)

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