Oct 092015

Black Grail-Misticismo Regrisivo


The Chilean band Black Grail have recorded a debut album named Misticismo Regrisivo. It will be released by Tyrannus Records on November 2, 2015. At the end of this post you can hear a song we’re premiering named “La Ciudadela de Shiva”. I thought of two ways to introduce it.

First way: You’re about to hear a sonic atrocity, a savage demonic manifestation intent on bring about ruination and degradation. Foul and sulfurous, it’s a “procreation of sounds worthy of a psychiatric center” in the midst of an arson attack, vividly conveying the furious agonies of inmates consumed by flame while hellish entities howl in ecstasy at all the fresh death.


Black Grail


But that introduction, which is true enough, doesn’t really convey as much as it should about the sound, nor does it really do justice to how good the song is. So…

Second way: You’re about to hear a ferocious black metal assault, rough and raw in its sound but electrifying in its impact. With riffs that writhe, lash, and slash, a murderous but varied drum performance, and thoroughly unhinged shrieking, it’s certainly bestial on the surface.

But listen closely, because as the song twists and turns through it’s changing course, it gets more and more interesting, with lead guitar eruptions and searing solos that seem to come from another world — and there’s a black thrashing riff near the end that will send an even bigger jolt through your brainstem. Actually, the song is loaded with hellishly good riffs.

In short, this is a megawatt dose of red hot metal that will light you up. So listen!




  1. This didn’t grab me at first, but theres a lot of good stuff on this record.
    I actually tossed it on last night while I was reading and I found it made it hard to read because I kept paying more attention to the music. Thats a good sign.

    • I know where you’re coming from. It kind of blew me down like a blast front the first time I heard it, but the more I listened the more I heard. Very cool music.

  2. That was a great listen, they captured chaos in a bottle and then promptly shattered it 🙂

  3. Hey! Black Grail also has a split coming out this year with Ysengrin
    The cover looks sick.

  4. Most impressive to say the least,this is right up my alley…right up there!

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