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(Here’s the latest installment of KevinP’s series in which he runs down his list of the best releases from the month that’s about to end.)

It’s been 10 months now that I’ve worked on this column and I always wondered how others kept track of what was released each month.  I simply take a notebook, write down a month on each page, and then when I get a promo, I download it and hand-write it in the release month.  That’s as low-tech as you can be (and sometimes semi-dangerous if the baby gets her hands on it and goes to town).  So does anyone have any better suggestions?  What do you do?

Anyways, we are fast approaching the end of the year and October has been quite the eclectic month, probably the most so far, as you’ll see from my selections.  Let us know what else wet your whistle in the comments below.


Under the Church-Rabid Armageddon

5.  Under the ChurchRabid Armageddon

I normally don’t get all worked up over album art, but look at that thing.  I dunno, I just find it too awesome not to mention.  Ok, so we are dealing with Swedish OSDM here, no frills, no reinvention of the wheel.  Masterfully done and featuring two members from Nirvana 2002, a band that never got around to releasing anything more than demo’s in 1990/1991.  Better late than never after 25 years.









Seamount-Nitro Jesus

4.  SeamountNitro Jesus

I’ll admit to thinking this band was from the American south when I first heard it.  Much to my surprise, they are from Bavaria, Germany, AND Connecticut, USA.  So I’m still way off, but at least I nailed the USA influence (I think).  Classic heavy metal  and upbeat doom is the order of the day here.  And I’m sure others will be able to draw a parallel on who they sound like, I’m drawing a total blank, as it sounds fairly unique to my ears.  They’ve been around since 2007, with this being their fifth full-length album.  How they flew under my radar for this long is beyond my comprehension.  An album that has only gotten better and better with each subsequent spin.









Temple of Baal-Mysterium

3.  Temple of BaalMysterium

Dense.  Precise.  Obliterating.  Controlled.  Ripping.  These are just a few of the words that come to mind while listening to the latest offering of these French black/death metallers.  It’s brutally infectious with just the right amount of memorable chaos.









Denner Shermann-Satans Tomb

2.  Denner/ShermannSatan’s Tomb

If you are unaware of who Michael Denner and Hank Shermann are, excuse me for a moment while I go throw up in my elitist mouth.  Alright, I’m back, where were we?

That’s right, I was dismayed over your lack of Mercyful Fate (and King Diamond) knowledge.  Maybe you’ve seen some of your friends with gray hair in their beards getting all excited over this release and wondered why?  MERCYFUL FATE guitarists, bitch!

This also marks the first time since 1994’s Time that Snowy Shaw  has appeared on drums with both men.  Sean Peck (of US power/heavy metal band CAGE) handles the vocal duties.  Yes, he’s over the top and shows little to no restraint.  But ya know what, it didn’t bother me one bit.  Heck, if I could wail like him and got to be a part of this, I’d be screaming from the rafters uncontrollably too.










1.  Lost SoulAtlantis:  The New Beginning

Hopefully you had a chance to check out the streaming of this album already; if not, now’s your chance.  Also, you’ll get another chance to read my interview with mainman Jacek Grecki (see below).  What else can be said?  It’s uncompromising death metal, technical yet never treading into wankery.  Blistering yet incredibly memorable.  It’s extremely difficult to thread the needle on all these facets, yet the band achieved this with resounding success.  Another in the long line of incredible releases from Poland this year.  I’ve never been a fan of kielbasa, but maybe I need to rethink that.




  12 Responses to “KEVINP’S ALBUMS OF THE MONTH — OCTOBER 2015”

  1. Need to say that Seamount vocalist Phil Swanson lives in USA, he sings in few bands (doom and heavy metal) including Hour of 13 (renamed). We had a talk with him a week ago:

  2. LOL, it doesn’t like the iOS 9.1 metal horns emoji 🙂

  3. Interesting approach using good old paper. It tends to go underrated these days. Although I must say that I have switched to using a draft e-mail titled “Music” to keep track of good releases.

    (I obviously have no intention of ever sending that e-mail, but a friend once told me that it’s a great way to have a cross-device notepad — and it really is.)

    Also, I agree that the Lost Soul album is probably the best thing coming out in October.

  4. i’ve been really looking forward forward to the new Under The Church, it sounds fantastic 🙂

  5. I can only agree with Temple of Baal, the rest is good, but not Satan or Horrendous good. And that’s another thing, did you even consider the likes of Horrendous and Draconian? They haven’t even released their albums yet. 30 of October.

    • I simply don’t get the love for Horrendous. Each album has been a big giant MEH for me. And since we have access to promos months in advance I’ll hear albums today that won’t be released until December/January 🙂

      I thought SATAN was alright but nothing uber awesome.

  6. Lost Soul is great! Fucking shame on me for missing the stream and the interview. Time to castigate myself with ‘Hypothelemus’ on repeat.

  7. So excited for Lost Soul. And Temple of Baal has been an awesome bunch of listens this month. Agonia last few have been sick.
    Under the Church artwork is one of my faves of the year. And Denner Shermann! Holy shit! It rips!

  8. My first full listen of Lost Soul today (available in full on band camp now)
    And Holy Shit I am floored. Its better in every way from Immerse. Wow.. Wowowow.

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