Nov 112015

Wolfpack 44-Iron Dream


In mid-September I was fortunate to premiere a song called “Dark Mountain” from The Scourge, which is the forthcoming debut album by Wolfpack 44, a collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Ricktor Ravensbrück from The Electric Hellfire Club and vocalist/guitarist Julian Xes from Kult ov Azazel. Today, we get the chance to share with you a second track from the album — a beast named “Iron Dream” — along with info about pre-ordering the album.

When I premiered “Dark Mountain” in September, I also included a review of the entire album — which is due for release by Deadlight Entertainment on January 20. It defies easy genre classification, in part because there’s so much variety among the different songs, as well as lots of multi-layered textures within most of them. Wolfpack 44 have described the music as “Satanic, industrial/black/death/psychotic/evil-as-fuck metal with a sardonic edge”, and that’s actually a pretty accurate description.


Wolfpack 44-The Scourge


There are times when it’s so catchy that you think you’ll never get it out of your head and other times when it feels like it’s trying to tear your head right off — or at least turn it inside out. As i wrote before, maybe it’s enough to just call it evil heavy metal and leave it at that. Whatever the label, The Scourge is full of beguiling twists and turns, and it’s loads of demented fun to hear.

“Iron Dream” has been available for listening before, and so it’s a stretch to call this a “premiere”. Maybe think of this as an “official” coming-out party for the song?

It begins with crazy, rapidly pulsing electronics and a marauding drum rhythm, but then turns into blasting percussion combined with the cutting edge of nasty, bone-saw riffs and vicious howls. The song will also slam your head with flurries of pile-driving riffs and spin it around with deranged guitar soloing. It’s a jet-fueled assault from start to finish, and a highly infectious one as well.


Wolfpack 44-Ricktor RavensbrückWolfpack 44-Julian Xes

The Sourge features guests appearances by:

Jinx Dawson – COVEN
Lord Ahriman – DARK FUNERAL
Dan Vc Guenther – VEIN COLLECTOR
Warlock Sonny Belavance – CHURCH OF SATAN
Victoria De Rais & Ashka Helland – LADIES OF HADES CHOIR


And here’s that pre-order info. To get the album on CD and vinyl, go here:

There’s also a CD and t-shirt pack (with shirt design by Norot Art) that’s available here

And the link for the LP and t-shirt bundle is here:

Find Wolfpack 44 on Facebook via this link.


  10 Responses to “WOLFPACK 44: “IRON DREAM””

  1. Merciless, I like it!

  2. Very nice,looking forward to some more.

  3. wow thats Horrible !

  4. damn, that guest list is killer, and so is the track 🙂

  5. Fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!

  6. That was a fun little romp

  7. This is a mess of convoluted noise leading nowhere

  8. Always great to read positive comments, including the ones about “expect no mercy” as my guest appearance is the chorus of the song. If it doesn’t stick in your head for months, play it again. 😉

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