Nov 242015



Last spring we had the pleasure of premiering a killer song from Above the Unworthy, the debut album by Italy’s Demiurgon released in June by Ungodly Ruins Production, and today we bring you the debut of a lyric video for a brand new Demiurgon song: “Teatro Del Coito“.

This new song is destined for release as part of a split with another Italian band, Valgrind. It’s a bit of an experiment for the band, as they recorded the song using drop-A tuning and wrote the song with lyrics in Italian. And for those who aren’t conversant in Italian, well, let’s just say that Demiurgon welcome you to the theater of sex.




An Italian friend tells me that the song’s lyrics actually explore many aspects of human personality (frustration, domination, the hiding of the true self) — but do so using sex as a metaphor. Not being conversant in Italian myself, I’m taking his word for it. But I do understand the language of the music — and it’s an absolutely staggering barrage of sound.

It’s the sound of a war zone, with ferocious combatants well-armed with high-explosive munitions unleashing pure hell on each other. This death metal is fast, furious, and explosively powerful, overflowing with savage, mind-bending riffs, thunderous drumming, and shrieking lead-guitar insanity — not to mention the rapid-fire vocals, which are authentically barbarous and filthy. As for that experiment in guitar tuning, it gives the song a massively heavy and brutally merciless impact, an exercise in near-atonal bludgeoning of the highest order.

Seriously, prepare yourselves for as vicious an infliction of head trauma as I’ve heard this year, and the same kind of full-force adrenaline-flood through your bloodstream as I’d imagine you’d experience in the middle of that war zone that this song inspires in the imagination.

We’ll be keeping our eyes open for more news about the split. In the meantime, Above the Unworthy is available for download and order on Bandcamp (CD + related merch), and in case you haven’t yet dived deeply into the album, I’m including the Bandcamp stream right after the video for this new song.




  1. Nice! Above the Unworthy is a killer album 🙂

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