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Against the Plagues-Purified Through Devastation


On December 18, the Dutch label Non Serviam Records will release the new album by multinational, Chicago-based extreme metal band Against the Plagues. Entitled Purified Through Devastation, it’s emblazoned with the flame-throwing cover art of Pär Oloffson and it includes a lot of flame-throwing music, too — as you will discover, through our premiere of a track called “Man’s Modern World“.

At just over 47 minutes in length, the album is a full-bodied offering of blackened death metal and features a revised line-up for this band, which includes current or former members of Damnation, Forest Of Impaled, Luciferion, and Throne of Sacrilege, among others.


Against the Plagues


With a ghastly howl, a blast of bullet-spitting drums, and a swarm of barbed-wire riffs, “Man’s Modern World” wastes no time in launching its barbarous assault. As Shaun Albro continues expelling vocal ferocity through a range of roars and blood-letting shrieks, dismal guitar melodies surface again and again in this war-like song, giving it staying power as well as an immediate surge of adrenaline. And anchoring the whole affair is a drum-and-bass rhythm section that turns in an electrifying (and bone-jarring) performance.

If you’re looking for something that’s enraged, predatory, and turbocharged with sonic power, “Man’s Modern World” should fix you up quite nicely. Check it out below.

Purified Through Devastation is available for pre-order here:



  1. Solid track here. Eagerly awaiting more from these dudes.

  2. Ooh,I like this,more please!,

  3. Nice!!! Awesome artwork and killer track! 😀

  4. Damn this is some good stuff. I will have to order the album.

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