Dec 092015

Blade of Horus-Monumental Massacre


Blade of Horus have emerged from Australia with a debut album entitled Monumental Massacre that’s scheduled for release on January 29 by Lacerated Enemy Records. They enlisted the masterful Kevin Talley to record drums for the album, and as you can see, it’s also introduced by some eye-catching cover art. Today we’re helping premiere the album’s first advance track, “Descent Into the Cosmic Realm of Everlasting Madness”.

With Talley’s able assistance, Blade of Horus inflict plenty of head trauma in this new song, both the physically bludgeoning kind inflicted by pile-driving riffs and booming bass work and the kind that disrupts neural connections with deranged lead guitar excretions. And speaking of excretions, the vocal tag-team deliver an amalgam of deep growls, incinerating shrieks, and vomitous gurgles — all the better to complete the job of dismantling whatever was working normally inside your skull.


Blade of Horus logo



Monumental Massacre will be released as a limited-edition digipack (200 copies) and as a digital download. Digital and physical pre-orders can be placed via the links below:

And here’s the song, in two player formats:


  1. I want to like this but I feel like I’ve heard this before, hundreds of times as a matter of fact. Pretty generic tech-death, lacks any personality and easily blends into it’s overcrowded scene. It’s written, overproduced, and advertised almost indistinguishably from 95% of other technical death metal acts.

  2. So core influence is running rampant. I’ll see myself to the door, thank you very much.

  3. Actually, I like this one 😀

  4. Absolutely killer. Guitar work is astonishing, yet not full of meaningless shred. Plenty of meaty and memorable riffs. Love the sound too.

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